Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth!

I’ve really struggled with the whole sustainability thing.

I’ve either found myself far too sucked into the debate, feeling anxious and questioning every aspect of my life and its damages to the planet - to flip 360 to full on wilful ignorance. Which I imagine is where a lot of other people lie. 

Who can blame them? As a society, we do tend to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to positive change. When in most cases, the problem could be greatly alleviated by a small lifestyle change from everyone. 

With that being said, today I’m sharing some really simple sustainability swaps that I’ve made. Because Mother Nature deserves some self-care and TLC just like the rest of us gals! 

Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth!.jpg
Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .JPG

This is my number one life hack

Bottled Water

It’s 2018. There is absolutely no reason to buy bottled water in a country where we have access to an abundance of free, perfectly clean and healthy water.

We’re lucky to have an American-style fridge with an ice/water dispenser, but even if your fridge doesn’t have a water filter, the jug-style ones are affordable to buy and quick to fill and store in your fridge ready for drinking. As much as I enjoy filtered water, I will just grab it from the sink if I ever need to. 

Carry a reusable bottle with you everywhere you go. This is my number one life hack. Not only will it mean you’re always hydrated and feeling your best, it also saves you a ton of money in the long run and saves unnecessary plastic being bought. 

Bobble make my favourite bottles. I love their classic bottle - another great option if you like to have a filter on the go (I don't use the carbon filter as 9/10 I have filtered water in there anyway - but it does come with one that you attach to the lid). Not only that, I feel the quality of plastic makes a difference. In the past cheaper bottles have left my water with a plasticky taste after being in there for a few hours, which is gross enough to make any well-meaning person run back to bottled water! I never get that with Bobble bottles.

However, my most used Bobble is their stainless steel. This godsend keeps water HOT or COLD for 12+ hours - a great multitasker for travel (If I bring my tea in this, I’ll bring my other Bobble with cold water!) Perfect if you’re out all day and want your water to stay cold or your tea to stay hot. Particularly now in Summer, plastic bottles can go lukewarm and gross if you leave them in the car or sat out in the sun - this baby stays cool as a cucumber.

And it’s got pineapples on - what more do you want?

Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .jpg
Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .jpg

Reusable Coffee Cup

You’ve probably heard this one already, as they’re discussed a lot lately. Who’d have known that coffee cups weren’t recyclable? I feel guilty for all the times I’ve got a to-go cup when I probably had the 15 minutes to just sit down and drink from a regular mug in the cafe. However, we live and learn. 

As I said, if I’m leaving the house and want to take some tea, I use my Bobble. But what about impromptu coffee runs?! That’s where Stojo comes in. 

This little guy is awesome and answers all my reusable coffee cup woes. Most coffee cups sit in your bag after use, taking up room, probably spilling around on your stuff. Stojo not only seals at the top for no leaks but FOLDS UP. Yes, this reusable cup folds right down into a disc that fits in my palm. You can see it going into my handbag above. It saves space and hangs out in my bag for those just in case moments. 

The material is rubberised so you pull and pop it into shape - it even comes with a hard plastic holder so you can carry it without burning your hands. Genius. 

My only gripe is the drinking spout (if that’s the right word) - as it’s so compact and leakproof, once you’re ready to sip your coffee it does take more of a ‘suck’ than a ‘sip’ (lol). But a small price to pay for a healthy planet. 


This is the hardest one for me. And subsequently one of the worst things for the planet! Thanks to Zanna for opening my eyes to how many straws are littered across the world - mainly on beaches, but also in landfill. They never break down and litter the earth forever. It’s awful. 

Like many girls, I do enjoy using a straw for my drinks. It’s easier to drink and it doesn’t ruin my lippy. I have just bought multipacks of the things in the past, without thinking. Slap on the wrist!

One day I ordered this cute pink glass one off eBay and never looked back. Again - saves money in the long run, but also feels so much better to be cutting down on such an unnecessary plastic.

For a more portable option (no one wants broken glass in their handbag!) you can also get stainless steel ones.

Supermarket Packaging

This is such an easy swap! If you’re using bags for life doing the food shop (hopefully you are) - We’ve found more and more we’re just packing fruit and veg loose. Especially things like bananas, it seems silly to stuff them in a plastic bag, just to bring them home and put them on the counter

If you’re buying loose and need the sticker to scan, you can just stick it onto the fruit/veg and scan it that way. 

Hear it from someone who loves bacon - veggie food is awesome

Meat Free Meals

Eek, this is a big one. I’m not here to tell you to go vegan. In fact, I’ve been very vocal about going from veggie, to vegan, back to an omnivorous diet. However, we just can’t deny the fact we eat A LOT of meat. Considering how many people are on the planet, an unsustainable amount of meat.

Again it comes back to that all or nothing mentality. People feel that if they’re not vegan, then what’s the point? The cult-like message spread by many in the vegan community doesn’t exactly welcome people who just wanna cut down on meat.

So hear it from someone who loves bacon - veggie food is awesome, and if you can swap out even a handful of meals during the week with a veggie alternative, you’ll be making a huge difference. Imagine if everyone in the UK cut down on their meat consumption by just 10-20% - such a small change for an individual would have a huge impact on the carbon footprint. 

Quorn is great if you struggle to get creative - simply swap it out for whatever meat you’d use. If you’re cooking at home, focus on big pan dishes that are easy to pack with flavour - chilis, curries, stews, lasagne. These dishes are easiest to enjoy without meat in my opinion, as they taste so good full of veggies, spices and a splash of oil. BONUS - you’ll probably have leftovers, which is always a winner midweek. 

Do you have any simple ways to cut down on plastic use or make planet-friendly choices in your everyday life? Let us know! 

Are My Goals Realistic? How To Tell if Your Goals are Achievable...

Kat Horrocks_PKB_13_Cooler_High Res.jpg

Have I set goals that are too unrealistic?

I get asked this question all the time with clients, friends, workshop attendees. How do I know if I've set my sights too high? What's a realistic target to aim for? 

There's a few elements that go into it, and I'm sharing them in today's video! 

Many of us aren't setting goals in the right way, and even more of us are letting fear and doubt get in the way of setting those goals. 

So I hope this 5 minute watch is encouraging for you. I'd love to hear your feedback! 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x

Stuck In a Rut? Watch This Video!


Are you feeling stuck in a rut?

Today's video is for you! These are the steps I take when I'm going through a rough patch or just feeling a bit demotivated, sluggish and 'meh'. It can really get you down, but starting with these simple, practical tips always helps me! 

What do you do when you're stuck in a rut? 

Sending love & good vibes - especially if you're going through this at the moment!
Kat x

Coaching vs Counselling and Therapy - Which One Is Right For Me?

Coaching vs Counselling and Therapy - Which One Is Right For Me?.jpg

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time! This is a discussion I often have with clients or people I chat with about life coaching. 

People will attend my workshops, or finish their first coaching call and say it “feels like a therapy or counselling session”. But If it’s not therapy or counselling, then what is coaching and how does it compare?

And more importantly, what’s right for you at this time in your life? 

Take it away, Dr Google. Here are the definitions of each:

Counselling - "the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems."
Therapy - "the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means."
Life coaching - "a person employed to help people attain their goals in life."

Coaching vs Counselling and Therapy - Which One Is Right For Me?.jpg

In therapy, these issues need to be carefully and meticulously dug up over time...

The simplest way I can break it down in my head is counselling and therapy is problem-lead - coaching is goal-lead.

Does that discount either one? Not at all!

If you’ve recently experienced grief, you’re getting a divorce or you’re struggling with an addiction - counselling can be amazing to support you through those scenarios, and many others that involve a lot of pain. 

Therapists are specially trained to deal with trauma, mental health, abuse in relationships and other life changing issues. In therapy, these issues need to be carefully and meticulously dug up over time (sometimes over months or even years), unpacked, processed and healed from. 

However, if you’re...
- Going through a transitional phase in life
- You’re not sure what your next step is
- You want to make more time for something in your everyday life - a business, self care, a hobby
- You’re thinking about making a big life change
- Or you just feel a bit ‘stuck’

Coaching is the goal-oriented support you probably need. 

Coaching vs Counselling and Therapy - Which One Is Right For Me?.jpg

Coaching motivates you to look forward to the future, counselling and therapy support you in processing your past.

Coaching focuses on goals, accountability, setting up an action plan that’s right for you and generally, keeping you feeling positive, focused and motivated. Many of my clients benefit from my ‘can do’ attitude and feel I can support them in bouncing back from lack of confidence or other mindset struggles.

Coaching is also very individual-lead. As a coach, I’m more of an expert question asker than anything else. We ask the right questions that allow you to explore, develop ideas and figure out what’s right for you. You’re the expert of your own life - we just help you connect to that intuitive guide that knows what to do. 

For some people, their situation is out of their control or affected by external circumstances like mental health, abuse, trauma, the list can go on! For these people, they need specialist advice and often a set of skills to help them to cope. That’s why methods like CBT have been so successful. Practical skills that can be taught by a counsellor or therapist, so someone has a method of dealing with their situation, particularly their past.

In a nutshell - coaching motivates you to look forward to the future, counselling and therapy support you in processing your past. 

I am the first to turn a coaching client away if I think they need deeper support that I just can’t offer. Coaching may be an option for them on the other side of that, but I’m not afraid to tell them if I think it’s best they see a doctor or psychotherapist. 

I really hope this post clarifies things for you and helps you figure out what kind of support you need. Whatever you decide is right for you, I hope my content can be a part of your journey!

Love & Good Vibes
Kat x 

Why You Don't Need A Morning Routine - Dear Night Owls...


I’m a morning person. Always have been, always will be.

I look forward to the mornings. Heck, I look forward to Monday mornings! A hot cup of tea in bed, an inspiring book…maybe a trip to the gym for a sweat sesh before starting my day and smashing the majority of my to-dos, all before lunchtime. 

My energy - creatively, physically, mentally - is at its peak in the morning time. Much to the dismay of my friends or fella - who would rather not be asked 5 hundred questions about their day before they’ve even had a coffee (lol).

So naturally, all the morning rituals and routines we’re recommended online (that promise success, vitality and lifelong happiness) - it comes easily to me. I get it.


Does the thought of going to the gym at 6:30 AM make you wanna throw up?

I reap the benefits of working out first thing, or sitting down with my laptop at 7 AM and knowing that those 2 hours of majorly productive work can amount to 40-50% of my day’s to-do list! A morning routine makes sense to me - making the most of my morning, a time I’m up and at ‘em and ready to smash it. 

However, I know many people reading this will be rolling their eyes. Does the thought of choosing to go to the gym at 6:30 AM make you wanna throw up? You’re not alone!

So many members of my community reach out to me with feelings of admiration, hopelessness or even guilt or shame that they attempted to get up at 6 AM and ‘failed’, or they ‘wish they could be motivated like me’ in the mornings.

Many of my clients come to me beating themselves up. They’ve tried my morning routine and it didn’t work for them. They struggle with snoozing their alarm, or attempted the gym every morning this week and ended up not getting out the front door.


Let’s stop this right here, right now…because honey, if you ain't a morning person - you don’t NEED a morning routine.

To prove this point, let’s go to the opposite extreme - night owls. Some people, particularly creatives, find themselves filled with a huge surge of energy in the evening, sometimes in the middle of the night. They’ll struggle to switch off, fighting the urge to work, create or do something, anything except go to sleep. Or someone who looks forward to a Friday or Saturday night, letting loose with their friends and coming home as the sun sets.

Let me tell you…I am not this person. I’m an 80 something soul living in a 20 something’s body. I struggle to stay up past midnight - New Year’s Eve requires lots of caffeine. If I need to finish off work in the evening, I find it nearly impossible to concentrate, I’m often completely distracted, disengaged and just not into it. 

Creativity, ideas, all the brain powered stuff that I need to do - there’s no chance any of that happens past 6-7PM.


You don’t have to be up at 5 AM every day to be successful.

Do I feel guilty as a freelancer that I can’t work in the evenings if I need to? Yes.

Does my to-do list suffer on days I haven’t had my usual productive morning, and therefore lose that time of my day where I’m most effective? Yes. 

Despite this - Do I beat myself up for being tired in the evening and try and force myself to be a night owl? No! 

So why should you do the same, for the alternative? Go to the gym after work. Save your creative task for the evening once everyone’s gone to bed. Enjoy your laptop time with a caffeine-free herbal tea instead! Just do you.

Okay, I can already hear what you’re saying…

Most of us need to be ‘on’ in some capacity during regular working hours of the day - whether you’re in full-time employment, run a business, freelance, study or care for someone else full time.

But outside of those hours, don’t be afraid to embrace your own way of doing things. You don’t have to be up at 5 AM every day to be successful. You don’t have to be in the gym before the sun comes up to get fit. You don’t have to have a morning routine, if the only morning routine you need is getting out of bed, showering, grabbing a coffee and running out the door! You don’t have to be something you’re not, just because the internet makes you feel like you should be. 

So yes - I love my morning routines. Mornings make me feel happy and energised. If they don’t do that for you - let it go and embrace the times in your day that do.

Do you feel you’re naturally a morning person or a night owl? I’m curious to know! Please share your thoughts on this on social media - tag me @kat_horrocks

*There is something to be said for wanting a morning routine because you genuinely believe it benefits your life and lifestyle. In this case, I invite you to explore a morning routine tailored to you and your needs. It doesn’t have to look like an hour of yoga, meditation and green juice.

It could be 15 minutes in bed reading before you hop in the shower, or 5 minutes writing your to-do list after you’ve had your breakfast - for some people, actually preparing breakfast at all could be a revelation in itself! If you are a night owl in need of a quick and simple routine that benefits you in the morning, make it work for you! 

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