Current favourite business and personal growth reads

Current favourite business and personal growth reads

I'm a huge fan of a self-development read. I cannot help myself. And I know you guys can relate! So in this week's video, I'm sharing 3 of my current favourite reads - from business to branding, to self-love. 

Grab your copies here!

Mel Wells "Hungry for More"
Gary Vaynerchuk "Crushing It"
Fiona Humberstone "Branding Brilliance"

Have you read any of the books mentioned?

I'd LOVE you to share your favourite reads with me in a comment here or on social media - @kat_horrocks on Twitter and Instagram.

Manifesting Positive Progress With Your Goals - Remind Yourself Daily with the Being Boss Chalkboard Method


Manifesting positive progress with your goals! 

I've always shared my whiteboard on YouTube using the Being Boss Chalkboard Method (that can be used on not just a chalkboard, but anything!) 

It's a great visual reminder of your goals, but I also feel it physically creates space (both on the board for me to fill in, AND in my thoughts everyday when working on my goals) to manifest cool shit in my life. 

You can find out more about the Being Boss Chalkboard Method here - I might do a full write up on the benefits of it if you guys are interested!

Watch to find out what's on my 'chalkboard' for quarter 3 of 2018. 

Just Have a Go - Why Trial and Error is The Key To Success

Hello, I’m Kat and I’m a professional overthinker. And I can bet most of you reading this are too. 

So many of us seek outside validation, reassurance or confirmation before we make a decision. To be 100% sure that it’s ‘right’. 

Kat Horrocks_PKB_3_Cooler_High Res.jpg

We want a guarantee, that if we do X we’ll get Y

I notice this massively in the personal growth and goal setting work I do. 

How many times shall I go to the gym each week?
Do I need a morning routine?
What’s the healthiest breakfast to have?
How many Instagram followers do I need before I launch this business? 

The answer to any and all of these questions is…how long is a piece of string? 

And it’s not what we wanna hear. We want a guarantee, that if we do X we’ll get Y. But life decisions can’t be cookie cutter perfect, slotting into place in just the right way.

The beauty of being a human is you’re 100% unique. Nobody can replicate you. So why would your personal journey be anything other than completely unique to you? 

just have a go - why Trial and error is the key to success.JPG

The key is to not get bogged down in the nitty gritty details.

Yes, advice, mentorship, coaching, all these things are amazing and can support you along the way. 

A nutritionist can recommend examples of healthy breakfasts that you can try. 
A coach can help you explore options to try and achieve your goals. 
A business mentor can share how they built their business, for you to try and see what results you get from their methods.

Do you get where I’m going with this? Too often, we get caught up in the details and don’t look at the bigger picture. 

We want to know exactly how many times we need to workout, what time we need to get up every morning, how many green juices we need to drink, how many minutes we need to meditate for, how many hashtags we need to use, what book we need to read. 

The one and only way to discover this answer - the answer that’s correct for you - is to try. 

If you’re a professional overthinker like me, my advice? Just do it! Just have a go! Try new things. Research and implement. See how that decision/direction works for you. Compare results and test, test, test. 

Something works? Do it more.
Something doesn’t work? Move on quickly and don't over think it.

This can be applied to any area of personal development. Your workout routine. Your business strategy. Your self-care rituals. 

The key is to not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. To recognise that overthinking is your comfort zone and you’ll get stuck there if you let yourself. 


Many successful individuals attribute their achievements to being quick, intuitive and adaptive in their decision making. If you paralyse yourself with 1000 questions, you’ll find yourself lagging behind with your goals.

In the time it took you to figure out the ‘right’ way, someone else has already had a go, learnt from their mistakes and grown. 

My gut helps massively with this. Learning to follow my gut reaction to any scenario has helped me shift direction, try new things and learn what works for me.

It’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m happy to share more about that in upcoming content if you’re interested?

If you’re a professional overthinker - I hope this post was encouraging. Let me know what you think! 

Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth!

I’ve really struggled with the whole sustainability thing.

I’ve either found myself far too sucked into the debate, feeling anxious and questioning every aspect of my life and its damages to the planet - to flip 360 to full on wilful ignorance. Which I imagine is where a lot of other people lie. 

Who can blame them? As a society, we do tend to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to positive change. When in most cases, the problem could be greatly alleviated by a small lifestyle change from everyone. 

With that being said, today I’m sharing some really simple sustainability swaps that I’ve made. Because Mother Nature deserves some self-care and TLC just like the rest of us gals! 

Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth!.jpg
Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .JPG

This is my number one life hack

Bottled Water

It’s 2018. There is absolutely no reason to buy bottled water in a country where we have access to an abundance of free, perfectly clean and healthy water.

We’re lucky to have an American-style fridge with an ice/water dispenser, but even if your fridge doesn’t have a water filter, the jug-style ones are affordable to buy and quick to fill and store in your fridge ready for drinking. As much as I enjoy filtered water, I will just grab it from the sink if I ever need to. 

Carry a reusable bottle with you everywhere you go. This is my number one life hack. Not only will it mean you’re always hydrated and feeling your best, it also saves you a ton of money in the long run and saves unnecessary plastic being bought. 

Bobble make my favourite bottles. I love their classic bottle - another great option if you like to have a filter on the go (I don't use the carbon filter as 9/10 I have filtered water in there anyway - but it does come with one that you attach to the lid). Not only that, I feel the quality of plastic makes a difference. In the past cheaper bottles have left my water with a plasticky taste after being in there for a few hours, which is gross enough to make any well-meaning person run back to bottled water! I never get that with Bobble bottles.

However, my most used Bobble is their stainless steel. This godsend keeps water HOT or COLD for 12+ hours - a great multitasker for travel (If I bring my tea in this, I’ll bring my other Bobble with cold water!) Perfect if you’re out all day and want your water to stay cold or your tea to stay hot. Particularly now in Summer, plastic bottles can go lukewarm and gross if you leave them in the car or sat out in the sun - this baby stays cool as a cucumber.

And it’s got pineapples on - what more do you want?

Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .jpg
Simple Sustainability Swaps - Self Care For Mother Earth! .jpg

Reusable Coffee Cup

You’ve probably heard this one already, as they’re discussed a lot lately. Who’d have known that coffee cups weren’t recyclable? I feel guilty for all the times I’ve got a to-go cup when I probably had the 15 minutes to just sit down and drink from a regular mug in the cafe. However, we live and learn. 

As I said, if I’m leaving the house and want to take some tea, I use my Bobble. But what about impromptu coffee runs?! That’s where Stojo comes in. 

This little guy is awesome and answers all my reusable coffee cup woes. Most coffee cups sit in your bag after use, taking up room, probably spilling around on your stuff. Stojo not only seals at the top for no leaks but FOLDS UP. Yes, this reusable cup folds right down into a disc that fits in my palm. You can see it going into my handbag above. It saves space and hangs out in my bag for those just in case moments. 

The material is rubberised so you pull and pop it into shape - it even comes with a hard plastic holder so you can carry it without burning your hands. Genius. 

My only gripe is the drinking spout (if that’s the right word) - as it’s so compact and leakproof, once you’re ready to sip your coffee it does take more of a ‘suck’ than a ‘sip’ (lol). But a small price to pay for a healthy planet. 


This is the hardest one for me. And subsequently one of the worst things for the planet! Thanks to Zanna for opening my eyes to how many straws are littered across the world - mainly on beaches, but also in landfill. They never break down and litter the earth forever. It’s awful. 

Like many girls, I do enjoy using a straw for my drinks. It’s easier to drink and it doesn’t ruin my lippy. I have just bought multipacks of the things in the past, without thinking. Slap on the wrist!

One day I ordered this cute pink glass one off eBay and never looked back. Again - saves money in the long run, but also feels so much better to be cutting down on such an unnecessary plastic.

For a more portable option (no one wants broken glass in their handbag!) you can also get stainless steel ones.

Supermarket Packaging

This is such an easy swap! If you’re using bags for life doing the food shop (hopefully you are) - We’ve found more and more we’re just packing fruit and veg loose. Especially things like bananas, it seems silly to stuff them in a plastic bag, just to bring them home and put them on the counter

If you’re buying loose and need the sticker to scan, you can just stick it onto the fruit/veg and scan it that way. 

Hear it from someone who loves bacon - veggie food is awesome

Meat Free Meals

Eek, this is a big one. I’m not here to tell you to go vegan. In fact, I’ve been very vocal about going from veggie, to vegan, back to an omnivorous diet. However, we just can’t deny the fact we eat A LOT of meat. Considering how many people are on the planet, an unsustainable amount of meat.

Again it comes back to that all or nothing mentality. People feel that if they’re not vegan, then what’s the point? The cult-like message spread by many in the vegan community doesn’t exactly welcome people who just wanna cut down on meat.

So hear it from someone who loves bacon - veggie food is awesome, and if you can swap out even a handful of meals during the week with a veggie alternative, you’ll be making a huge difference. Imagine if everyone in the UK cut down on their meat consumption by just 10-20% - such a small change for an individual would have a huge impact on the carbon footprint. 

Quorn is great if you struggle to get creative - simply swap it out for whatever meat you’d use. If you’re cooking at home, focus on big pan dishes that are easy to pack with flavour - chilis, curries, stews, lasagne. These dishes are easiest to enjoy without meat in my opinion, as they taste so good full of veggies, spices and a splash of oil. BONUS - you’ll probably have leftovers, which is always a winner midweek. 

Do you have any simple ways to cut down on plastic use or make planet-friendly choices in your everyday life? Let us know! 

Are My Goals Realistic? How To Tell if Your Goals are Achievable...

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Have I set goals that are too unrealistic?

I get asked this question all the time with clients, friends, workshop attendees. How do I know if I've set my sights too high? What's a realistic target to aim for? 

There's a few elements that go into it, and I'm sharing them in today's video! 

Many of us aren't setting goals in the right way, and even more of us are letting fear and doubt get in the way of setting those goals. 

So I hope this 5 minute watch is encouraging for you. I'd love to hear your feedback! 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x