Send Me Your Questions! & Podcasts I'm Loving...

Hey guys! Hope you're well. 

Today I wanna ask you a favour. Some weeks, I love recording the solo episodes - if I have a particular topic to discuss, if something's on my heart to share, or I'm hearing a lot about an issue from several clients, commenters, etc. 


However, some weeks I sit down and have major creative block. So from now on, Friday's podcast slot is open to Q&A!! You can email me ( and ask a question relating to a topic we discuss on Put Yourself First.

It could be about...
- Business and Careers
- Self Care
- Beauty
- Health and Fitness
- Relationships
- Anything that concerns ladies really and you feel would be relevant for the other women in the community

Excited to hear from you so drop me a line! With that, any other feedback for the solo episodes you have (the length, more of a particular topic, different style of recording) I always wanna hear from you, so let me know. 

Here are the 2 podcasts I mention that I'm loving right now (you can search for both in Apple Podcasts and your usual podcast app!)

The Skinny Confidential (need to get Lauryn on the show!)

Getting Curious