Networking and Building a Business as a Creative Entrepreneur with Georgie Glass

Georgie Glass is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Manchester.

In fact, Georgie is my photographer for the blog - you’ll see her work across the site! 

Since becoming friends with Georgie in 2017, I’ve been so inspired by her work ethic and confidence when it comes to creative freelancing and networking. So of course, I had to have her on the podcast to chat more! 

Networking and building a business as a creative entrepreneur with Georgie Glass.jpg

Georgie shares so many nuggets of wisdom in today’s episode. Whether you work in a creative industry, are just starting your own business and looking to build contacts or you’re already established and interested to hear how to avoid creative burnout and keep your creative juices flowing. We cover it all today, and Georgie will be back soon for sure - so let us know what business topics you’d like to hear us discuss next. 

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