Learn Something New Every Day

Learn something new every day 

Today I'm discussing why I like to learn something new every day. Making personal development a daily discipline is something I'm hugely passionate about! 

Here are some of my favourite resources for daily inspiration, research and learning - in all areas of life.

Podcasts I Love


Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness (personal growth)
Being Boss (business)
Hashtag Authentic (creativity and online business)
Ben Coomber Radio (health and fitness)
Make It Happen (business)

Influencers/Cool people I keep up with

Alice Liveing (workouts)
Zanna van Dijk (positivity, mindfulness and fitness)
Rhiannon Lambert (evidence-based nutrition)
Mel Wells (body image and spirituality)
Gary Vaynerchuk (business and motivation)
Dr. Anita Mitra (women's sexual health/gynaecology) 
Marie Forleo (business) 
Esther Perel (relationships) 

I also love Tony Robbins and recommend his Netflix doc - I Am Not Your Guru

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