Being Body Confident in Summer - My Struggles and Advice!

Being body confident in Summertime can be difficult.

It seems everywhere you look there are bikini body plans, weight loss shakes, pills, detox teas. Not to mention our natural instinct to compare ourselves, and therefore our bodies, to other people. Today I'm sharing some body confidence advice that really helps me. 

Of course, it goes without saying, if your body image affects your day to day life or you are suffering from disordered eating habits, please speak to your GP, there's help available for you. Check out B-eat if you're in the UK.


Reliable Nutrition Sources Online

Pixie Turner - Registered Nutritionist
Nic's Nutrition - Registered Dietician
Rhiannon Lambert - Registered Nutritionist

Body Positive People You Need To Follow

Mel Wells
Grace Victory
Body Posi Panda

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