Ready to start putting yourself first?

Life coaching for positive, purpose driven women.

"I'm genuinely so much happier because of the changes I've made. Thanks for inspiring me."

Kat Horrocks Life Coaching

Some of the things we can work on together...

Goal Setting: An action plan to set and achieve the goals you've always dreamed about. Accountability and support to keep you focused and motivated.

Mindset: Move through fear, guilt, comparison, imposter syndrome and whatever else you're currently faced with.

Self Care: Want to make more time for you? You're in the right place! We'll get more self care in your schedule, and slowly unlearn the guilt associated with putting yourself first.

Intuition: Stuck on a decision, or in a transitional stage of your life? I'll support you in connecting to that 'gut feeling' that knows exactly what's right for you. 

"I found myself able to be kinder to myself and others."

Stories from my amazing clients...


"If you need to work a problem out, see Kat. If you want to improve your outlook on life, see Kat. If you need someone to truly listen, see Kat. If you feel deep down that you can guide yourself to both happiness and success, but you just need to find that key that unlocks it.....that's Kat.

Kat was a listening ear when I needed, a help when I needed to problem solve and move forwards, a reassurance when it was required and a motivation where appropriate.

I just enjoyed how Kat managed to find that perfect balance between allowing me to vent and get emotional things off of my chest, without rushing me, but at the same time always somehow bringing me gently back to a more positive, optimistic and productive perspective on things.

It's so refreshing to have someone truly listen and attempt to see, feel and assess from your point of view. Not exactly like you would, but as if to hold your hand while you try to work it out. I appreciated that. It's hard not to enjoy talking to Kat in general, as both her presence and voice are such a calming and soothing influence. For me, these things were an essential base from which motivation could grow from.

Kat's coaching was both grounding and supportive. Her compassionate outlook on life somehow managed to rub off on me a bit and I found myself able to be kinder to myself and others.”

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"I've discovered so much about myself."


"Talking to Kat has helped me so much in realising my goals and just how far I'm prepared to go to reach them.

I've discovered so much about myself. My strengths and weaknesses, what I'm not prepared to tolerate and put up with.

Kat is very organised, relaxed, she talks to you like you're a friend. Just the support that you get is unbelievable. You feel so much better after talking to her. I'll miss our fortnightly chats!” 

What's it like working with me?

Kat Horrocks life coaching.jpg

Support: I am your biggest cheerleader. Good days, bad days and everything in between - I'm there to celebrate your wins, help you unpack the lessons when things go wrong, and keep you positive and productive. 

Accountability: Whether it's the actionable tasks I set you, or the email check ins between calls. I'll keep you focused and on track throughout our time together. 

Virtual Hugs: So many of the ladies I work with say coaching with me is like chatting with a close friend. I'm no 'tough love' coach. I pride myself on my friendly, approachable coaching style, as I feel it's that positive, uplifting support that will really have a lasting impact. 

Two options for working together...

Kat Horrocks Transformative Growth.jpg

Together, we'll deep dive into your personal growth plan for the next 6 months.

Transformative Growth is the perfect package for you if...

You're committed to putting yourself first.

You're ready to take action, make time for your goals and step outside of your comfort zone.

You're willing to be vulnerable and work through the fear, the doubt, the guilt, and anything else you struggle with along the journey.

You want continued support, accountability and guidance to keep you focused and motivated.

We’ll uncover what your biggest goals and dreams look like, what’s been holding you back and what needs to happen to empower you to change your life.

What's Included:

Kat Horrocks Coaching.jpg
  • 1-on-1 support: 1 x 60 minute Skype call, fortnightly (12 in total over 6 months) - a 6 month commitment to your personal growth plan, guided by you and your goals, supported by me.
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  • Resources: Your own password protected login page with call recordings and notes - including action steps and helpful resources to keep you moving forward between calls.
Kat Horrocks Coaching
  • Accountability: Unlimited email support in between calls - email me anytime and I'll be back to you within 24-48 hours, so you'll never be without support and guidance. 

Investment: £400 (Payment plan available)

Kat Horrocks focused growth.jpg

Re-commit to yourself and your goals, feel empowered to take action.

Focused Growth is for you if...

You need a laser focused action plan to achieve your goals.

You've fallen off track, and need a moment to reflect, debrief and plan what's next.

You want practical advice to stay productive, prioritise your goals and keep moving forward. 

You want support, guidance and accountability, from someone who's got your back and really cares about your success.

Together, we’ll work as a team to map out an action plan for you, so you can start putting yourself first and prioritising the things that you really want in life.

What's Included:

Kat Horrocks Coaching.jpg
  • 1-on-1 support: 1 x 60 Minute Skype Call to get you focused on your goals and action plan.
Kat Horrocks Coaching.jpg
  • Resources: Follow up email with a recording of the call, along with notes, resources and your next steps so you can feel confident moving forward. 
Kat Horrocks Coaching.jpg
  • Accountability: 1 x 30 Minute follow up Skype Call - I'll check in one month later, to review your progress and keep you accountable.

Investment: £100

If your gut instinct has guided you here, I'd love to hear from you.

Due to my workload, I'm not currently taking on any new clients - My next availability is around July, so get in touch to secure your slot!

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