Celebrating a Huge Achievement with a Visit to Mr Cooper's House & Garden, Manchester


I’ve never been great at celebrating myself.

Goal Setting, organisation, planning ahead. It all comes very naturally to me! But when I actually achieve the things I set out to, I’m quick to move onto the next best thing.

This month I’ve been shortlisted for a Blogosphere Award. Yep, little ol’ me, sharing my tips on motivation, starting a business and the stories of the incredible women I get to speak to! 

So when Mr Cooper's got in touch to ask if I’d like to enjoy an evening with them - I thought it was the perfect opportunity to actually celebrate something I’ve done. And what a perfect venue for a celebration. 

For a start, their gin selection is top notch. If you know me, you know a gin and tonic is my favourite way to relax! So trying my first ever Brockmans (yum!) whilst we browsed the menu was lovely. 


Spying someone else’s sourdough from across the restaurant, we had to order one ourselves to start. Mini loaves baked fresh in the kitchen every morning, they were so good! Alongside their chicken wings with harissa and chickpea purée, it was the best light bite to start. 

For main, we both went for the spatchcock chicken - mine with the skin on fries, Adam’s with the mash. Boring to some, but we know what we love, and this wasn’t your average chicken and potatoes.

Since eating meat again, I’m learning more and more that quality trumps quantity any day. The quality of the meat was beautiful, and of course, perfectly cooked. 


But we can’t skip over this part without talking about the mash...

I’m not being dramatic - this is the best mash we’ve ever tasted.

Like velvet on the spoon, perfectly seasoned and tasted as if it had just a bit too much butter mixed in, in the best way possible. We could have eaten a vat of it! 


For dessert, I highly recommend the Mr Cooper’s Caramel Tart with mascarpone ice cream (not pictured, oops!). I always judge a restaurant from its dessert selection, and this did not disappoint. Don’t worry - if you’re a chocaholic, the Dark Chocolate Delice (pictured) was perfect too. 

I know I don’t discuss food a lot on the blog, but considering I’m a massive foodie and was really in the mood to celebrate, it was such a lovely evening and big thanks to Mr Cooper’s for inviting us! 

Have you visited Mr Cooper's? It's such a unique and lovely venue for a special occasion. 

Getting Sh*t Done - How To Juggle Work and Life Without Going Insane


Juggling it all, knowing what to prioritise and being my own boss

Getting Sh*t Done - How To Juggle Work and Life Without Going Insane

Wow, I've had a lot on my plate in the past 6 months. Not complaining at all - in fact I'm so incredibly grateful - but I'm busier than ever in work and life.

Juggling it all, knowing what to prioritise and being my own boss (and therefore being in charge of whatever happens!) has been a huge learning curve. 

Today I wanted to share some tips on:

- How I simply stay sane through it all
- How I get it all done
- How I prioritise my work tasks
- How I stop myself from procrastinating, getting distracted or simply imploding with stress. 

Do you struggle with time management? Once you've watched the video, I'd love you to leave me a comment with your top productivity tips too!

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x

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90 Day Goals Update for Quarter 2 of 2018


My 90 Day Goals Update for Quarter 2 of 2018

If you've downloaded my Goal Setting Workbook, you'll know I love to take a quarterly approach to Goal Setting, alongside my big goals for the year. 90 day goals:

- Keep me motivated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis - they never feel too out of reach

- Feel tangible enough to achieve in the next 3 months - so I'm more likely to work for it, unlike yearly goals which many find overwhelming

- Help me achieve another milestone on the way to the bigger picture - small wins add up to big progress as the year goes on

As we're headed into the second quarter of 2018, I'm chatting about my 90 day goals in my latest YouTube video.

However, for those of you who don't have the 10 minutes to sit and watch - here's a quick summary of the 5 things I'm focusing on in my work and life in the next few months...


I know my best and most productive work is created offline

2 hours of my workday will be spent offline

This one is tricky for me! I am so guilty of spending the day on Facebook, Instagram, emails, Twitter...constantly in my Chrome tabs, distracting me with pings, and icons and messages. As much as I love working online and connecting with others, the reality is I don't need to reply to everyone instantly. A lesson I need to learn this year.

Juggling multiple hats and roles on a daily basis, I know my best and most productive work is created offline - unplugged from distractions and quick fix tasks. Creating, planning, connecting - the list goes on, but all these things take a lot of mental bandwidth. One of my 2018 goals is to be more mindful and conscious when I'm consuming social media - so this is a practical way to hold me accountable to that in my workday.


I'll be setting up and sending out my Media Pack

Eek. One of my focuses for this year on KatHorrocks.com is to get really intentional with sharing my personal brand and what I'm all about. This includes developing authentic, genuine connections with PR's, brands and the people who connect with my message and find my values align with theirs. 

The most professional way to communicate this on an ongoing basis is via your media pack. This is a visual summary of your stats, demographics, services you offer - generally, the things people wanna know before they work with you! So this month, Adam and I will be developing mine, before sending it out to new and current brands and other lovely people I've worked with.


I've made a decision to focus on quality over quantity

2 pieces of thoughtful, intentional content will land on KatHorrocks.com every week

You've probably noticed my content schedule has fallen by the wayside in 2018. This is because I've made a decision to focus on quality over quantity of content at a time when my work is pulling me in many different directions. However, that's not to say I haven't missed making content or felt a negative impact from not showing up consistently. 

Which is why I sat down and set this SMART goal (again...if you've done my Goal Setting Workbook, you'll know what this means! But to those of you who haven't, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) It's not just SMART, it also focuses on my quality over quantity ethos - as I want every piece of content I put out to be something authentic, intuitive and straight from my heart to yours!

Committing to two pieces of content leaves me open to creative flexibility - whether I'm in the mood to write, film or both. It also leaves me enough space to plan, organise and stay on top of things, whilst maintaining my tasks and to-dos in other areas.  


Holly's Maternity Leave at WeBlogNorth will begin! 

Eek, what an exciting one. Holly is due to have her second baby in May - which means I'll be stepping it up and supporting her role whilst she has a few months off work. I'm so excited to challenge myself but also honoured to have been asked by Holly, whom I respect and admire as a woman, a colleague and an amazing friend.

I'll be holding the fort and keeping on top of events, emails, admin and social media - and whatever else comes up! This will challenge me to think on my feet and be as efficient as possible with my time  - making sure everything at WeBlogNorth is taken care of, whilst not letting KatHorrocks.com and my wonderful clients be neglected. It's a good job I'm organised and excited to get outside my comfort zone, although I am prepared for some hectic weeks working evenings and weekends.


Finally, I'm committing to 3 weights sessions and 1 yoga session a week

I had to include a self-care one in here. This doesn't relate to my 2018 goals but is really important to me at this time in my life. Not only do I need my time at the gym or on the mat, to nurture my physical and mental health between long days at my desk. I also want to feel as confident, strong and sexy as ever once the weather starts heating up, especially when Adam and I are lying by the pool in Turkey for a whole week in May. Bliss.

Hold it there though! There's no fad diets or body shaming round here. I mainly want to get into a consistent workout routine and start seeing gains again - in my strength, in my form and yes, in my muscles and body composition. I'm excited to be in the gym consistently, lifting heavy things and feeling the DOMS. 

Do you use the 90 Day Goals Method and look at your year in quarters? If you'd like to try it out, sign up here to receive a free copy of my 2018 Goal Setting Workbook!

Creating a Career From Your Creativity - Steps to Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

Creating a career from your creativity.jpg

How do you create a career from your creativity?

How do you become an entrepreneur or earn money from doing the thing you love the most?

Today's video was requested by someone in the comments section a while back. It's such a great question!

I believe success as a creative, comes from adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

This is a whole topic in and of itself that I'll discuss more and more. However, today I'm sharing some tips to get started earning money and carving out a career path using your creativity! I hope it's helpful for anyone sitting on a talent right now they know would be valuable to others.

Good luck! 

Love & Good Vibes
Kat x  

Did you find this video helpful? Check out this one - my favourite resources for business as a freelancer. 

📷 Credit: Holly Wood 

Starting a Podcast: What It's Really Like

starting a podcast what it's really like .jpg

The end of February marks 2 whole months of hosting Put Yourself First.

This passion project has been months in the making for me, and I’ve learnt so much along the way. Today I wanted to share some of those lessons, thoughts and reflections - for anyone who might be interested in what podcasting is like behind the scenes, or for anyone who might be wanting to start one themselves! 

Hard Work

Okay, so I knew I would have to put the slog into starting the podcast - as I do with anything I set my mind to. I’m not about a half arsed effort, so I was fully prepared to give it my all. However - and that’s a big however - I didn’t anticipate how much work goes into getting it off the ground. 

Starting a podcast is no joke. It takes work. The same amount of work that setting up a whole new website, blog or even business can take. There’s hosting, SEO and a whole host of tech stuff that goes into the back end of it. Along with designing the artwork with my designer, picking the right mic, learning how to edit audio (completely different to video which I’m used to!), deciding on the intro/outro music, and of course - the creative decisions that go into the main content itself, whether that be solo podcasts or interviews. 

I’m grateful that I gave myself a few months leading up to 2018 to get everything ready - I really needed it! So be warned - give yourself a good few months to prep your podcast for launch, especially if you work full time. 

Starting a podcast is no joke. It takes work.

Feedback and Reach

This one is a humble brag that makes me wanna pinch myself daily!

Without sounding big headed…I knew the podcast was good. As I’ve said, I put the hours into making it good. 

What I did not expect was how overwhelming the response has been to it. People who I’ve known for years, who’ve never once had feedback on a video or blogpost, have reached out to say how much they love it. I get weekly messages from people saying they’ve been inspired by an episode, tagging me in their Instagram stories or messaging me privately. I am so, so grateful for the positive feedback so far.

It just goes to show that this platform fits me, fits my message and my audience. Busy women who don’t necessarily have time to watch YouTube videos, but do love to have a podcast in their ears on their commute, at the gym, walking the dog. Podcasting is one of the most accessible content platforms in my opinion, just because it’s so easy and flexible to digest, anytime, anywhere. 

Put Yourself First Podcast.jpg

Meeting Amazing People

If you want the perfect excuse to talk to really, really cool people that you admire - start a podcast! 

The thing with podcast interviews is - there’s so much in it for the interviewee. People who have a message to share, a story to tell, amazing content, services or products to sell that will truly help or inspire people - they want to talk to you. And they want to share that with as many people as possible. 

Of course, it goes both ways - a podcast interview is the perfect chance to cross promote and reach new audiences on both sides. But for me, it’s more about connecting with these women because I know their voice will add phenomenal value to the women in my community. And because they’re all just as passionate, positive and willing to share as I am, it’s been so intuitive and natural to connect with the guests I have so far. 


With all that being said, I can say without a doubt I am right where I need to be with my online content at the moment. Podcasting just feels right for me, and I know it’s adding huge value to you lovely lot! 

As always, I love to hear your feedback.

Who do you want me to interview?
What topics do you want me to discuss, with guests or on my own?

Don’t forget, I do short solo episodes every Friday, so if there’s something really specific - whether it be relating to personal development, self care, anything - let me know and I’ll get it in my schedule to discuss. 

And if you’re not already subscribed to Put Yourself First - well, you know what to do! Head here or search Put Yourself First in Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher or TuneIn. 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x