90 Day Goals Update for Quarter 2 of 2018


My 90 Day Goals Update for Quarter 2 of 2018

If you've downloaded my Goal Setting Workbook, you'll know I love to take a quarterly approach to Goal Setting, alongside my big goals for the year. 90 day goals:

- Keep me motivated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis - they never feel too out of reach

- Feel tangible enough to achieve in the next 3 months - so I'm more likely to work for it, unlike yearly goals which many find overwhelming

- Help me achieve another milestone on the way to the bigger picture - small wins add up to big progress as the year goes on

As we're headed into the second quarter of 2018, I'm chatting about my 90 day goals in my latest YouTube video.

However, for those of you who don't have the 10 minutes to sit and watch - here's a quick summary of the 5 things I'm focusing on in my work and life in the next few months...


I know my best and most productive work is created offline

2 hours of my workday will be spent offline

This one is tricky for me! I am so guilty of spending the day on Facebook, Instagram, emails, Twitter...constantly in my Chrome tabs, distracting me with pings, and icons and messages. As much as I love working online and connecting with others, the reality is I don't need to reply to everyone instantly. A lesson I need to learn this year.

Juggling multiple hats and roles on a daily basis, I know my best and most productive work is created offline - unplugged from distractions and quick fix tasks. Creating, planning, connecting - the list goes on, but all these things take a lot of mental bandwidth. One of my 2018 goals is to be more mindful and conscious when I'm consuming social media - so this is a practical way to hold me accountable to that in my workday.


I'll be setting up and sending out my Media Pack

Eek. One of my focuses for this year on KatHorrocks.com is to get really intentional with sharing my personal brand and what I'm all about. This includes developing authentic, genuine connections with PR's, brands and the people who connect with my message and find my values align with theirs. 

The most professional way to communicate this on an ongoing basis is via your media pack. This is a visual summary of your stats, demographics, services you offer - generally, the things people wanna know before they work with you! So this month, Adam and I will be developing mine, before sending it out to new and current brands and other lovely people I've worked with.


I've made a decision to focus on quality over quantity

2 pieces of thoughtful, intentional content will land on KatHorrocks.com every week

You've probably noticed my content schedule has fallen by the wayside in 2018. This is because I've made a decision to focus on quality over quantity of content at a time when my work is pulling me in many different directions. However, that's not to say I haven't missed making content or felt a negative impact from not showing up consistently. 

Which is why I sat down and set this SMART goal (again...if you've done my Goal Setting Workbook, you'll know what this means! But to those of you who haven't, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) It's not just SMART, it also focuses on my quality over quantity ethos - as I want every piece of content I put out to be something authentic, intuitive and straight from my heart to yours!

Committing to two pieces of content leaves me open to creative flexibility - whether I'm in the mood to write, film or both. It also leaves me enough space to plan, organise and stay on top of things, whilst maintaining my tasks and to-dos in other areas.  


Holly's Maternity Leave at WeBlogNorth will begin! 

Eek, what an exciting one. Holly is due to have her second baby in May - which means I'll be stepping it up and supporting her role whilst she has a few months off work. I'm so excited to challenge myself but also honoured to have been asked by Holly, whom I respect and admire as a woman, a colleague and an amazing friend.

I'll be holding the fort and keeping on top of events, emails, admin and social media - and whatever else comes up! This will challenge me to think on my feet and be as efficient as possible with my time  - making sure everything at WeBlogNorth is taken care of, whilst not letting KatHorrocks.com and my wonderful clients be neglected. It's a good job I'm organised and excited to get outside my comfort zone, although I am prepared for some hectic weeks working evenings and weekends.


Finally, I'm committing to 3 weights sessions and 1 yoga session a week

I had to include a self-care one in here. This doesn't relate to my 2018 goals but is really important to me at this time in my life. Not only do I need my time at the gym or on the mat, to nurture my physical and mental health between long days at my desk. I also want to feel as confident, strong and sexy as ever once the weather starts heating up, especially when Adam and I are lying by the pool in Turkey for a whole week in May. Bliss.

Hold it there though! There's no fad diets or body shaming round here. I mainly want to get into a consistent workout routine and start seeing gains again - in my strength, in my form and yes, in my muscles and body composition. I'm excited to be in the gym consistently, lifting heavy things and feeling the DOMS. 

Do you use the 90 Day Goals Method and look at your year in quarters? If you'd like to try it out, sign up here to receive a free copy of my 2018 Goal Setting Workbook!

Taking Time Out With Adagio Teas


A cup of tea is such a self-care ritual for me.

It’s those important pockets of time in my day, where I’m just taking a moment for myself. 
10 more minutes in bed before I start my day. 
An afternoon break when I’ve been slogging away on my laptop. 
Greeting a guest or loved one with the kettle boiling - because a cuppa just makes a good catch up that little bit more special.


Which is why I jumped for joy when Adagio* got in touch and wanted to create a collaborative post together, featuring their beautiful loose leaf teas. 

There’s something about loose leaf that is extra special. When I make the time to pour a pot of loose leaf tea, I find it so relaxing, and you really do notice a difference in the quality.  You’d be surprised how much flavour you lose in a commercial tea bag, which basically contains the scraps at the bottom of the tea barrel. 


Adagio teas are hand-picked and sourced directly from their origin - the flavour of their English Breakfast tea is so unique, with a subtlety that you just don’t get with supermarket brands. 

But don’t worry if black tea isn’t your…cup of tea hah! Adagio have green, chai, herbal, flavoured varieties and more.

Some of my other favourites from the range have been:

Earl Grey Moonlight (this one is aromatic, slightly sweet and creamy, perfect for a morning pick-me-up)
Lemongrass Ginger (ideal after an evening meal before bedtime - aids digestion and caffeine free).
Lemon Meringue Green - Wow! I would not normally pick out green teas, but this one I’m happy to make an exception for. Such a yummy Springtime treat - feel like I need to pair this one with a large slice of the tart its flavour is inspired by. This one is brand new and I can't currently find it on the website. Hope they put it up soon! 


If you’re like me and always in a rush, Adagio have many solutions to brew with convenience at home. 

They offer the option to buy all their teas with teabags, as well as selling packs of 100 paper tea filters, so you can quickly make your own teabag at home. These are so convenient if you’re making tea for one during a busy workday. 


However, their most exciting product for brewing at home is the IngenuiTEA. It’s a clear single serve teapot that allows you to see the tea steeping. Once you’re happy with the strength, you place it right on top of your mug and it pushes crystal clear tea down, leaving all the loose leaves behind.

Adagio have very kindly sent me an IngenuiTEA set for you guys to try, along with some of their sampler sets so you can pick your favourites before buying the full size. So, head over to my Instagram later today where you can win…


An IngenuiTEA
A Glass Mug to pair with it
1 x Black Teas of China Sampler
1 x Orchard Herbals Sampler
1 x Orchard Green Teas Sampler
1 x Berry Blast Sampler

Basically…a box full of tea to enjoy with your new IngenuiTEA - a fellow tea lover’s dream! So fingers crossed, and please read the terms and conditions in the Instagram post before entering. Good luck!

*Thank you to Adagio for providing their wonderful hand-picked loose leaf teas and tea ware for today’s post and giveaway. 

Love & Good Vibes (and cheers to a good brew!)
Kat x 

The Power of Essential Oils


If you didn’t already know this about me…I’m a bit of a hippy at heart.

Which is why I’m a huge advocate of using essential oils. Not only are they a customisable, natural way of scenting your home - their power goes beyond scent for me. 


Ever wanted to create that spa-like feel at home?

Feeling a bit tense after a long day?

Got a particular niggle like allergies, or a cold, that you need some relief from?

A drop of this, a drop of that in my diffuser and I’ve instantly got a beautifully scented room that transports me to post-yoga zen.

Or maybe you love a particular ‘note’ in your candles - like Lemon, or Eucalyptus, or even Cinnamon? Essential oils allow you to go back to basics and create your own blend of fragrance from scratch. A drop of this, a drop of that in my diffuser and I’ve instantly got a beautifully scented room that transports me to post-yoga zen.


Last week I had a flare up of my allergies - putting it down to feeling run down and being stuck inside because of the snow - which always worsens them as the air quality and lack of airflow in the room can really worsen my symptoms. 

A quick Google brought up a simple blend of oils that I already had in my collection. Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Within 30 minutes, my breathing had improved, I could feel the congestion easing off and I was so chilled out with a lovely scent in my room. Is it a miracle cure? No. Should essential oils replace modern medicine? NO! But when it comes to simple ailments like mild allergies, hay fever, coughs and colds - they can really improve the air quality in the room and help alleviate symptoms. 


Other ways I love to use my oils:

* When I’m cleaning and tidying to get that fresh, vibrant scent - citrus and mint work well (these blends are also great for getting started in the morning). 

* In the Autumn/Winter if I want a warm, festive feel - orange, cinnamon, frankincense! 

* When I’m in full on pamper mode and want that spa feeling - eucalyptus and bergamot are my favourites to create a blend. 

For anyone interested, I got mine from TK Maxx although there are loads on Amazon like this one. I also got my oils kit on Amazon here - I love the set as it’s nice to have the variety, it even comes with a helpful booklet with hundreds of blends and recipes for different areas - from cleaning, to illness to seasonal changes. 

Do you use essential oils in your home? What are your favourite blends?

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x 

Beating The Winter Blues - 3 Tips to Boost Your Mood


Beating the Winter Blues - Top Tips To Boost Your Mood

I personally love the feeling of a New Year, and January happens to be the most eventful month for me. I celebrate my birthday on 14th and my anniversary with Adam on 30th. Factor in birthday celebrations stretching over 2 weekends with family and friends and hitting the ground running at work, and I’ve had plans every day in January. 

However, that does not stop the Winter blues from creeping in. Not only is January a post-Christmas comedown for a lot of people, it’s also the dead of Winter. And if you’re not in the UK, let me set the stage for you. There’s very little chance of seeing the sun, it’s dark when you leave for work and dark when you get home, you never know whether you’re waking up to rain, sleet, snow or hail, and of course, it’s bloody freezing. 


Less motivation. Less energy. Less enthusiasm.

I’m not one to moan, but even I find myself rolling over in bed some mornings feeling ‘meh’. As positive and proactive as I am in January - with my 2018 goals, getting back to work and lots of social plans - even I get dragged down by the Winter blues. It’s amazing what a lack of sunshine and Vitamin D can do. So here are my top 3 ways to tackle it all...


Hot Drinks

There is something so comforting about a hot drink. It’s like a hug in a mug. On a cold morning, clutching a hot mug of tea and taking the first sip is a small comfort that has a huge impact on my mood. If you’re not a tea or coffee drinker, try different herbal teas such as fruit flavours, peppermint or even hot Ribena! It’s not only cosy, it’ll keep you hydrated which in turn, gives you more energy and mental clarity for your day. 



My Mum calls me a hothouse flower. I’m a sun worshipper, and if I had it my way I’d be warm and bathed in sunshine all day. We’re lucky if we get a few hours of sunshine on a Winter’s day, so make the most of them!

Get all the layers on, wrap up warm, take the dog or your headphones, and head out for a walk. It might feel like the last thing in the world you want to do, but it makes such a difference in your mood, energy levels, sleep pattern, everything. And for those of us who struggle to stay motivated at the gym in Winter, walking is a gentle way to get you moving. 


Plan a Night In

Most of us take a night in as a given at this time of year. Sit on our phones, scrolling through social media, half-heartedly watching some random show on telly. Why not make the most of a cold Winter’s night and plan a special night in? 

It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be something as simple as buying something fancy for tea (M&S Dine in for £10 we love ya), picking up a hot chocolate kit to make, putting the fire on, treating yourself to a new pair of pyjamas, inviting your friends over to watch a film.

A small but intentional boost to your cosy evening in is what makes an average night a great night. Not only that, having small things to look forward to in your day can keep you going when all you want to do is face plant your desk! 

Don’t worry guys, Summer is on the horizon - we’ll get there together.

What are your top tips for beating Winter blues and keeping yourself positive and motivated at this time of year?

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x


Staying Healthy and Energised on a Busy Work Day

staying healthy and energised on a busy work day.jpg

Keeping energy levels up on a long day of work can be tough. 

If you work for yourself, work long hours or just find yourself struggling with that 4pm energy slump every day - today’s video is for you! 

Top up your energy tank and stay healthy all day

I’m sharing some simple and easy tips that help me stay alert, energised and focused throughout my working day. 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x