What Is Balance?

what is balance?

Balance is definitely the buzz word of 2017. 

With the vast majority of people finally clocking onto the guilt and shame surrounding our language about food, paired with the rise in the body positivity movement, balance is something everyone can embrace with open arms. Balance is enjoying food in all its glory, honouring its emotional and social importance in our lives as well as just physical. Balance is living without shame, without guilt and just living life!

No rules. No expectations. No extremes. 

The reason I think balance is becoming accepted in the wellness space, is it gives room for interpretation. Everyone is encouraged to find their own 'balance', personal to them and their personal health and lifestyle. 

What does balance look like for you?

For me, balance looks like having a giggle on the sofa with my best friends on a Friday night, sharing pizza, ice cream and a bottle of Prosecco (or a few G&Ts for me!). Balance is going for a gentle walk to end my day, because that’s what I love, instead of forcing myself to run because "it burns more calories". Balance is being present at a family dinner, and not having to stress over the healthiest option on the menu. Balance is listening to my body’s needs, and nourishing her in whichever way she desires that day - whether that’s a yoga routine, a rest day, a salad or a scone smothered in butter in front of the TV. 


The irony of balance is it can never exist perfectly in a regular person’s life. There will always be unexpected trips out, social events, work deadlines and various other things that can throw you off balance. Pure and perfect balance doesn’t exist - but striving for it is a daily practice. The essence of balance is enjoying life’s twists and turns, accepting the ebbs and flows. Showing grace and kindness to yourself, and doing your very best for your body in each moment. 

So, what does balance look like for you? Hit reply and let me know! 

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this, as it seems to be the ‘trend’ in the health and fitness space this year. And I’m not complaining about it - I’ll take it over #eatcleantraindirty (vom) any day! 

Love, Kat x