How To Feel Confident At The Gym

How to feel confident at the gym

I remember exactly what it was like when I first started going to the gym...

“Everyone is staring at me."
“Am I wearing the right thing?"
"How the hell do you work this machine?"
"I’ve seen all these girls on Instagram lifting weights, but the thought of wandering over to the 'testosterzone' corner with the big, burly blokes instills the fear of death in me."
"Oh forget it, I’ll just go on the cross trainer for the 50,000th time…”

That initial lack of confidence can be crippling. If that’s where you’re at at the moment, I really hope today’s video is of help to you. I wish someone would have shared these tips with me when I first started going to the gym - it’s pretty much a step by step guide of how I became super confident in myself and my abilities at the gym - including confident in my own body, confident navigating the equipment, confident with using the big, scary weights section and just feeling like I bloody well deserve to be there. Because I do. And so do you! 

So give the video a watch, then let me know how you get on at the gym. Hope you’re feeling ready to smash a workout and make an awesome, loving choice for your mental, emotional and physical health! 💗💪🏼

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