Healthy Habits to Start TODAY!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habits are what keep you going

Habits are my favourite thing to talk about. When you think about it, habits run our lives - the good ones...and the 'not so good for us' ones. What's so fascinating is how we don't even think about doing a habit - it's almost 100% sub conscious. 

Brushing our teeth, checking our car mirrors, snacking in front of the TV or making a cup of tea. You've done it a thousand times, and you could probably do it with your eyes closed (hopefully not the car one, but you catch my drift!) 

Healthy habits are what get you to your goals. They are small, sustainable habits you add into your daily and weekly routines that become second nature, and over time, get you the results.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not about fads, or restriction or extreme diets. It's about consistency and balance. These simple habits will help you achieve that! 

So if you want some ridiculously EASY tips to feel better TODAY, I hope you find one or two in today's video :)

Love, Kat x