Getting Fit and Strong! My Fun and Balanced Workout Routine

Getting fit and strong - my fun and balanced workout routine

Since being back at the gym for the past couple months, my workout routine has changed for the better!

 I wanted to share how I’m currently training in today’s video. Ironically, I’m constantly switching it up and don’t have a set ‘plan’ or do the same workouts every week. You’ll see in the video, this isn’t your typical workout routine. There’s no ‘workout to get abs’ or ‘losing weight for Summer’ - you guys know I am not about that life. 

But I definitely share my favourites, as well as some good tips on how I balance my workout schedule and plan it out in a busy schedule. I really hope it helps you out if you’re wanting to try out your own schedule when it comes to the gym - as long as you have sufficient knowledge in how to perform your workouts with good form, using progressive overload to consistently improve, how to balance different muscle groups and rest days, etc. etc. Then a DIY workout routine is great. 

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Love, Kat x

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