Dealing With PMS Tips and Advice - Stop Mood Swings

dealing with PMS tips and advice, stop mood swings

PMS sucks.

It’s probably the only major symptom of my cycle that causes me grief, and I know I’m not alone. For many women, it can feel like they’re a different person around that time of the month. I can admit to letting things get to me way more than I usually would, being short tempered, being overly sensitive and finding myself crying for no reason at the silliest things.

Honestly, a few weeks ago I started crying because I saw a cute dog in a jumper.

Tears of joy, nonetheless - that dog made my whole week - but it serves as a good example of my emotions being way more heightened than normal. If you’re in the same boat and struggle with PMS, I hope today’s video helps you find 1 or 2 tips to manage it. From my favourite technique to deal with those heightened emotions, along with tips if your PMS effects your relationships, there’s something for everyone to take away. 

Let me know what your top tips are for dealing with PMS, and be sure to join our community for more discussion on women’s health, self care and personal development. 

Love and Good Vibes,
Kat x