Why Do Women Always Feel Guilty?


Guilt is a huge recurring theme in the work I do.

Whether it’s feedback from my content, directly from my clients sharing their struggles, or even conversations I have with friends. Let's face it...us ladies are total pro's at feeling guilty, for just about anything and everything. The irony about guilt is - it’s a never-ending mean voice in your head that says what you’re doing right here, right now isn’t good enough. 

Working hard in your career? You feel guilty about not spending quality time with your family, or taking days to text your mates back, or not getting enough sleep.  

At home with your kids for the day? You feel guilty that your to-do list hasn’t been ticked off, or the washing basket is overflowing, or you haven’t had time to cook and they ended up with a ready meal.

Spending your weekend on a creative project? You feel guilty about not going to that Spin class this morning, or clearing out your spare room, or going out to run your errands.

Can you relate? I know I can. See - professional guilt-trippers. Except we’re guilt tripping ourselves! 


Why do we hold this irrational belief that women can ‘have it all’?

No matter how purposeful our present moment, there’s always something we’re choosing not to do, or don’t have the time to do, because of where we are. When it comes to guilt, you just can’t win.

So why do we do it? Why do we hold this irrational belief that women can ‘have it all’ and be everything to everyone?

I think this ideal that’s put upon us has a lot to blame when it comes to the constant guilt fest. Because with an ideal comes pressure. Pressure to have it all, do it all, be it all. And guilt when you’re failing to conform to that ideal.

Well here’s the catch…it’s all total, complete and utter bullshit. You can’t be everything to everyone. You can’t be in more than one place at once. All you have is the present moment. And whether that present moment is with your loved ones, at your desk, at the gym or lying under the covers with Ben & Jerry's - wholeheartedly own that moment, and relish how perfect it is. 


What if we chose to be truly present in everything we did? Guilt cannot exist in that space. 

Own your choice to be where you are right now. And in that owning that choice, own the fact that doing this thing, means you can’t be doing 10 other things. Nor would you want to. Own working hard on your career right now, because it’s work you love, and it allows you the connections, or money, or lifestyle that you enjoy. Own spending quality time with your loved ones, because that’s what life’s all about, and what’s the use in creating that lifestyle for yourself if you can’t sit back and enjoy it with the people that matter?! Own going to yoga, or heading out for drinks, or lying in bed watching Netflix, because that’s what you need in that moment to feel good, and your self care is so important to keep you running at full capacity.

Don’t let guilt come into the equation - and if it does crop up, which it will - I simply say “I choose to do this, and not feel guilty about it”. Acknowledging it in your mind, out loud, in conversation with who you’re with, really helps not only bring that positive affirmation into reality, but also to acknowledge guilt and not allow it to exist inside you - where it has no place!

Has today’s post empowered you to let go of the guilt? If it has, I’d love you to share it on social media - I know the ladies in your life need to hear this message too.

Photography by Holly Wood. 

Taking Time Out With Adagio Teas


A cup of tea is such a self-care ritual for me.

It’s those important pockets of time in my day, where I’m just taking a moment for myself. 
10 more minutes in bed before I start my day. 
An afternoon break when I’ve been slogging away on my laptop. 
Greeting a guest or loved one with the kettle boiling - because a cuppa just makes a good catch up that little bit more special.


Which is why I jumped for joy when Adagio* got in touch and wanted to create a collaborative post together, featuring their beautiful loose leaf teas. 

There’s something about loose leaf that is extra special. When I make the time to pour a pot of loose leaf tea, I find it so relaxing, and you really do notice a difference in the quality.  You’d be surprised how much flavour you lose in a commercial tea bag, which basically contains the scraps at the bottom of the tea barrel. 


Adagio teas are hand-picked and sourced directly from their origin - the flavour of their English Breakfast tea is so unique, with a subtlety that you just don’t get with supermarket brands. 

But don’t worry if black tea isn’t your…cup of tea hah! Adagio have green, chai, herbal, flavoured varieties and more.

Some of my other favourites from the range have been:

Earl Grey Moonlight (this one is aromatic, slightly sweet and creamy, perfect for a morning pick-me-up)
Lemongrass Ginger (ideal after an evening meal before bedtime - aids digestion and caffeine free).
Lemon Meringue Green - Wow! I would not normally pick out green teas, but this one I’m happy to make an exception for. Such a yummy Springtime treat - feel like I need to pair this one with a large slice of the tart its flavour is inspired by. This one is brand new and I can't currently find it on the website. Hope they put it up soon! 


If you’re like me and always in a rush, Adagio have many solutions to brew with convenience at home. 

They offer the option to buy all their teas with teabags, as well as selling packs of 100 paper tea filters, so you can quickly make your own teabag at home. These are so convenient if you’re making tea for one during a busy workday. 


However, their most exciting product for brewing at home is the IngenuiTEA. It’s a clear single serve teapot that allows you to see the tea steeping. Once you’re happy with the strength, you place it right on top of your mug and it pushes crystal clear tea down, leaving all the loose leaves behind.

Adagio have very kindly sent me an IngenuiTEA set for you guys to try, along with some of their sampler sets so you can pick your favourites before buying the full size. So, head over to my Instagram later today where you can win…


An IngenuiTEA
A Glass Mug to pair with it
1 x Black Teas of China Sampler
1 x Orchard Herbals Sampler
1 x Orchard Green Teas Sampler
1 x Berry Blast Sampler

Basically…a box full of tea to enjoy with your new IngenuiTEA - a fellow tea lover’s dream! So fingers crossed, and please read the terms and conditions in the Instagram post before entering. Good luck!

*Thank you to Adagio for providing their wonderful hand-picked loose leaf teas and tea ware for today’s post and giveaway. 

Love & Good Vibes (and cheers to a good brew!)
Kat x 

The Power of Essential Oils


If you didn’t already know this about me…I’m a bit of a hippy at heart.

Which is why I’m a huge advocate of using essential oils. Not only are they a customisable, natural way of scenting your home - their power goes beyond scent for me. 


Ever wanted to create that spa-like feel at home?

Feeling a bit tense after a long day?

Got a particular niggle like allergies, or a cold, that you need some relief from?

A drop of this, a drop of that in my diffuser and I’ve instantly got a beautifully scented room that transports me to post-yoga zen.

Or maybe you love a particular ‘note’ in your candles - like Lemon, or Eucalyptus, or even Cinnamon? Essential oils allow you to go back to basics and create your own blend of fragrance from scratch. A drop of this, a drop of that in my diffuser and I’ve instantly got a beautifully scented room that transports me to post-yoga zen.


Last week I had a flare up of my allergies - putting it down to feeling run down and being stuck inside because of the snow - which always worsens them as the air quality and lack of airflow in the room can really worsen my symptoms. 

A quick Google brought up a simple blend of oils that I already had in my collection. Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Within 30 minutes, my breathing had improved, I could feel the congestion easing off and I was so chilled out with a lovely scent in my room. Is it a miracle cure? No. Should essential oils replace modern medicine? NO! But when it comes to simple ailments like mild allergies, hay fever, coughs and colds - they can really improve the air quality in the room and help alleviate symptoms. 


Other ways I love to use my oils:

* When I’m cleaning and tidying to get that fresh, vibrant scent - citrus and mint work well (these blends are also great for getting started in the morning). 

* In the Autumn/Winter if I want a warm, festive feel - orange, cinnamon, frankincense! 

* When I’m in full on pamper mode and want that spa feeling - eucalyptus and bergamot are my favourites to create a blend. 

For anyone interested, I got mine from TK Maxx although there are loads on Amazon like this one. I also got my oils kit on Amazon here - I love the set as it’s nice to have the variety, it even comes with a helpful booklet with hundreds of blends and recipes for different areas - from cleaning, to illness to seasonal changes. 

Do you use essential oils in your home? What are your favourite blends?

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x 

Why Cooking is the Ultimate Self Care


I have a question I ask every guest on the podcast - “what is your favourite self-care ritual that’s a must-do, go-to after a long, stressful day?”

Let me tell you…so many people say cooking. And I’m inclined to agree with them! Growing up in a foodie family, food makes me happy. Not only does it nourish my body and give me everything I need to tackle the day - it also feeds my soul. It fills me with joy to sit down to a big, hearty homemade bowl of comfort food and share a meal with my partner, my mum and dad or a close friend.


An evening meal is the most social part of many people’s day! It’s a time to put the phone away, pick a fork up and talk about life. Even better when you can create a meal together - dishes made amongst chatter, laughter and background tunes always seem to taste ten times better. 


Which is why I jumped at the chance to head to Food Sorcery’s Cooking Together Class with some friends last Friday evening. The class is a hands-on experience of learning to recreate a themed meal in partners - this time, it was Caribbean inspired. Totally up my street flavour wise - and totally out of my comfort zone skill wise! I was excited to pick up some tips and come away with some new recipes under my belt.

No-fuss, honest and delicious home cooking that I feel confident I can recreate on my own. 

From the cheesy baked yam dishes to start, to super simple sides like handmade flatbreads and traditional rice and peas - everything was no-fuss, honest and delicious home cooking that I feel confident I can recreate on my own. 


Jason our chef for the evening was friendly, approachable and quite hilarious! He made the atmosphere totally relaxed. He demonstrated each dish to us, and we could ask questions throughout, but if you were struggling afterwards he was around to offer help or give you pointers. 


Something I really appreciated was the option to adapt the dish to suit our personal tastes and preferences. The main was a beautiful fillet of red bream, and although I did try Jason’s masterpiece and it tasted delicious, I much preferred swapping ours for chicken thighs - which worked equally well in the Rundown sauce (a tasty combo of coconut milk, tomato and spices).

The recipes are emailed to you afterwards which is really helpful for referring back to them at home. We’re planning to pick up some Pigeon Peas - rice and peas is my new favourite dish and surprisingly easy to make! 


Thank you so much to Food Sorcery for having us down. If you’re a massive foodie like me or know someone who is, you must get down there for communal cooking fun! It’s the perfect date night, friend’s night, gift idea or even work’s do. You won’t regret it!

Love & Good Vibes,

Food Sorcery kindly gave us a complimentary invite to the evening to try the class. All thoughts are my own and I wasn’t paid to write this post! 

Creating a Career From Your Creativity - Steps to Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

Creating a career from your creativity.jpg

How do you create a career from your creativity?

How do you become an entrepreneur or earn money from doing the thing you love the most?

Today's video was requested by someone in the comments section a while back. It's such a great question!

I believe success as a creative, comes from adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

This is a whole topic in and of itself that I'll discuss more and more. However, today I'm sharing some tips to get started earning money and carving out a career path using your creativity! I hope it's helpful for anyone sitting on a talent right now they know would be valuable to others.

Good luck! 

Love & Good Vibes
Kat x  

Did you find this video helpful? Check out this one - my favourite resources for business as a freelancer. 

📷 Credit: Holly Wood