Manifesting Positive Progress With Your Goals - Remind Yourself Daily with the Being Boss Chalkboard Method


Manifesting positive progress with your goals! 

I've always shared my whiteboard on YouTube using the Being Boss Chalkboard Method (that can be used on not just a chalkboard, but anything!) 

It's a great visual reminder of your goals, but I also feel it physically creates space (both on the board for me to fill in, AND in my thoughts everyday when working on my goals) to manifest cool shit in my life. 

You can find out more about the Being Boss Chalkboard Method here - I might do a full write up on the benefits of it if you guys are interested!

Watch to find out what's on my 'chalkboard' for quarter 3 of 2018. 

Alice Liveing's Workout Plan - My Experience With The Women's Health Transform App So Far!

4 weeks in. 8 weeks to go. Today I’m sharing my thoughts so far on the Women’s Health Transform App with Alice Liveing.

If you wanna know more about the structure of the training app/programme, I got the chance to interview Alice recently on the podcast so give that episode a listen.

Before we look ahead to the next 8 weeks, let’s take a look at the past 4 weeks and how I’ve felt about Phase 1. I’m gonna summarise each point to make things easier for you to reference! 

Alice Liveing's Workout Plan - My Experience With The Women's Health Transform App So Far!

I’ve really felt the difference in my workout and how well my body moves

Training Split

I really enjoyed the split of upper body, lower body and full body. It was completely different for me and so great to switch it up. I already feel stronger, I’m upping my weights almost every week, and I finish every workout feeling fatigued but not burnt out. 

Phase 2 (and 3, I think) are 4 sessions, divided equally between upper and lower body ‘push’ and ‘pull’ muscles.


I’ve found I can get through most of the workouts in around 45-50 minutes, including a comprehensive warm up and quick cool down stretch at the end. I imagine the next phase will be hitting the hour mark with the conditioning finisher added on (more on that in a second). 

The main workout structure goes roughly like this:

Dynamic warm up/foam rolling
Activation set with resistance bands
2 big compound exercises
A few supersets with more accessory work, including abs on some days
(Not included in the plan) but I always take 5 minutes to stretch at the end!


What drew me to the programme was the mobility work. I love Alice’s mobility videos on Instagram, so I was really looking forward to a structured way to do it weekly. I love that the pre-workout is a dynamic warm up and foam rolling. I’ve really felt the difference in my workout and how well my body moves, having opened up my hips, back, etc. beforehand. 

Alice Liveing's Workout Plan - My Experience With The Women's Health Transform App So Far!

Doing 5 sets of 5 squats will have you checking your laziness at the door


Activation is a game changer. I think part of upping my weights has come down to proper form, proper rest periods and activating the muscles beforehand so they’re worked even more. It took me a while to find the right resistance bands, but I use the heaviest one of these (black) for my lower body activation, and the lightest one of these (red) for my upper body activation. 


The rest periods have been a real eye opener. Alice recommends 60-90 seconds rest between most sets. Having been addicted to HIIT in the past, it was so foreign to me to catch my breath for a good minute between lifts. But let me tell you, if you’ve picked the right weight you need it! 

Doing 5 sets of 5 squats will have you checking your laziness at the door and loading that bar up with weight. Seeing as every workout begins with 2 big lifts, I’ve been shocked at how much I can lift/squat/row/push for 5 reps - there’s something psychological about a smaller rep range and a longer rest period that really pushes you to get as much weight up as you can. 

Of course, the rest contributes to good form, which in turn means you’re getting stronger and stronger. Trust me, time your rest for the recommended amount and you’ll notice the benefit. A good playlist or podcast helps keep you entertained, or have a wander round the gym and go fill your water bottle. 


The 15 minute conditioning session was a fun add-on that I did some weeks and not others. I like how the programme is structured in your weights sessions, but gives the flexibility of active rest days should you want them - yoga, long walks, something gentle that you fancy doing. 

In Phase 2, the cardio is an optional 10 minute ‘finisher’ at the end of each workout.

Not gonna lie, the word finisher terrifies me. Some days I finish the leg workout and feel like I can barely walk upstairs to get my bag. An extra 10 minutes of kettlebell swings, box jumps and god knows what else is gonna be tough. But that’s the idea! 

Alice Liveing's Workout Plan - My Experience With The Women's Health Transform App So Far!

So I hope that’s cleared up some stuff for you if you were wondering what the app and training programme was like.

To summarise, here’s my advice and takeaways from my first 4 weeks…

♡ It’s no joke, be prepared to work your butt off. 

♡ It’s really fun, rewarding and you’ll see a lot of strength and performance gains.

♡ Don’t skip the mobility and activation, it truly helps you have a better workout.

♡ Ease yourself in to the first few weeks. I usually train fasted but find sometimes I’ve needed a banana pre-workout or to go later in the day after a meal, because the intensity is that bit higher than my standard gym session.

♡ Likewise with the cardio - if you’re too sore in the first few weeks, go for a walk or do some yoga instead. Try and spread the workouts throughout the week as they recommend, that helps with recovery too. 

♡ To get the most out of the workouts, you need to be eating, sleeping and resting sufficiently. It’s so important. If you’re running on a few hours sleep each night or crash dieting and cutting calories, you’re gonna really struggle. Self-care needs to be a priority - work hard, recover even harder! I’ve gone from doing random workouts 5-6 days a week, to being in the gym just 3 times a week. The work I do in those 3 sessions is more than enough to have me taking it easy and re-fuelling my bod for the rest of the week. Quality over quantity! 

Have you downloaded the WH Transform App? How are you finding the workouts? 

Just Have a Go - Why Trial and Error is The Key To Success

Hello, I’m Kat and I’m a professional overthinker. And I can bet most of you reading this are too. 

So many of us seek outside validation, reassurance or confirmation before we make a decision. To be 100% sure that it’s ‘right’. 

Kat Horrocks_PKB_3_Cooler_High Res.jpg

We want a guarantee, that if we do X we’ll get Y

I notice this massively in the personal growth and goal setting work I do. 

How many times shall I go to the gym each week?
Do I need a morning routine?
What’s the healthiest breakfast to have?
How many Instagram followers do I need before I launch this business? 

The answer to any and all of these questions is…how long is a piece of string? 

And it’s not what we wanna hear. We want a guarantee, that if we do X we’ll get Y. But life decisions can’t be cookie cutter perfect, slotting into place in just the right way.

The beauty of being a human is you’re 100% unique. Nobody can replicate you. So why would your personal journey be anything other than completely unique to you? 

just have a go - why Trial and error is the key to success.JPG

The key is to not get bogged down in the nitty gritty details.

Yes, advice, mentorship, coaching, all these things are amazing and can support you along the way. 

A nutritionist can recommend examples of healthy breakfasts that you can try. 
A coach can help you explore options to try and achieve your goals. 
A business mentor can share how they built their business, for you to try and see what results you get from their methods.

Do you get where I’m going with this? Too often, we get caught up in the details and don’t look at the bigger picture. 

We want to know exactly how many times we need to workout, what time we need to get up every morning, how many green juices we need to drink, how many minutes we need to meditate for, how many hashtags we need to use, what book we need to read. 

The one and only way to discover this answer - the answer that’s correct for you - is to try. 

If you’re a professional overthinker like me, my advice? Just do it! Just have a go! Try new things. Research and implement. See how that decision/direction works for you. Compare results and test, test, test. 

Something works? Do it more.
Something doesn’t work? Move on quickly and don't over think it.

This can be applied to any area of personal development. Your workout routine. Your business strategy. Your self-care rituals. 

The key is to not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. To recognise that overthinking is your comfort zone and you’ll get stuck there if you let yourself. 


Many successful individuals attribute their achievements to being quick, intuitive and adaptive in their decision making. If you paralyse yourself with 1000 questions, you’ll find yourself lagging behind with your goals.

In the time it took you to figure out the ‘right’ way, someone else has already had a go, learnt from their mistakes and grown. 

My gut helps massively with this. Learning to follow my gut reaction to any scenario has helped me shift direction, try new things and learn what works for me.

It’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m happy to share more about that in upcoming content if you’re interested?

If you’re a professional overthinker - I hope this post was encouraging. Let me know what you think! 

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me


It’s been a while since I got real personal on 

I love sharing my goal setting tips, what I got up to last week or my positive advice on self-care, personal growth and more. However, as this community grows, it’s only fair to share a bit more about the girl behind the blog and podcast! 

So in case you were feeling nosey, here are 10 things you might not know about me…

I’m quite an intuitive person, and I trust my gut always

I was going to study Journalism or English Literature at Uni.

After being an avid reader and writer most of my life. I decided against it in favour of training to be a makeup artist and starting my own business. Best decision of my life! I also had dreams of becoming a therapist earlier in my teens. I love how blogging, podcasting, coaching and creating content online has gradually brought all my passions together. You have to trust that eventually, everything comes full circle. 

My vibes never steer me wrong, and I always, always listen to them.

I’m quite an intuitive person, and I trust my gut always. If something feels ‘off’ in a situation - personally or professionally - I can’t go ahead. Likewise, if I meet someone or receive an opportunity and feel that ‘pull’ towards it, I always pursue it, even if that means jumping head first outside my comfort zone. 

Animals make me ridiculously happy.

They’re just pure, unadulterated joy. We visited Chester Zoo recently and I think my face hurt from smiling that much. I’m a crazy cat lady and instantly connect with other people who are eager to chat with me about their cats. We have 3 at my parent’s, and when we move in, If Adam would let me I’d have five. Alas, I think I’ll have to compromise on one cat and one dog! 

I like to describe myself as an Outgoing Introvert.

I love to meet people, I love to listen to their stories and ask them 10,000 questions. However, sometimes I need my headspace. I love to go for walks alone or take a long, hot bath on a Sunday afternoon with the door locked. Being alone helps me mentally and physically recharge and gets me back into a positive mindset when things are hectic. The last thing most people would describe me as is ‘shy’, which is a common stereotype given to introverts. 


Summer is my happy season.

As British as I sound, I really dislike the colder months and could do without the rain most of the time. A hot day, slathered in SPF, mandatory ice cream in hand, just being outside for the sake of it, soaking up that vitamin D. I feel so peaceful and at home during the Summer months. 

If you’ve not already guessed by now, I’m an out and proud feminist.

For every woman like me - benefiting from privileges, blessed with support, and options, and opportunities - there are sadly so many other women, in the UK and worldwide, who aren’t fortunate to receive that in their lives. I’m committed to using my platform to share inspiring women’s stories, raise awareness of important issues and share valuable resources and community encouragement for every woman who stumbles across 

I’m addicted to learning.

It’s the main reason I found this part of the internet - podcasts, YouTube how-to's and more, and wanted to be a part of it myself. I strongly believe in learning something new every day and make personal growth a large part of my working week. There are so many people out there to learn from - which is one of the reasons I had to go with an interview format for Put Yourself First! 

It took me a few years to realise that anything worth having does not come easy

Sometimes I have to coach myself

A mantra of mine when it comes to sharing my work online is practice what you preach. There are times when I struggle with work-life balance, find that negative self-talk creeping in or procrastinate on a scary task instead of leaving my comfort zone. This advice is as much for myself, and how I’ve had to learn it, as it is for you guys. Sometimes, I have to take a step back, assess when things have run away with me and coach myself back to those positive habits, as I would with a client.

I’ve struggled with anxiety like many people, but not in the traditional sense.

My panic attacks come in the form of hives breakouts. So odd, right? When I was really struggling through a rough patch in my 2nd year of college, I got them on a weekly basis. I had to take prescription strength anti-histamines to help manage them. It was something so foreign to me and I struggled to find info about it online. It was only years later I could understand why it happened, and the root cause pointed to stress and anxiety. I’m happy to say I very rarely get them now, likely due to the fact I learned to manage my stress and emotions with positive self-care like exercise, talking to someone and taking time out. 

I'm not afraid to hustle

As much as self-care and taking time out is a top priority in my life, I like to work. No, I love to work. It took me a few years to realise that anything worth having does not come easy. I vowed to always give 100% of myself to anything I set out to do, and it’s never steered me wrong. Hard work, intuition (knowing what to focus on) and self-care (knowing when to stop) are the 3 things that keep me going and allow me to do what I do. 

So that’s me. What about you?!
Share something about yourself in the comments below! 

Images by Georgie Glass


Freelance Makeup Artist. Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. Crazy Cat Lady. Animal Lover & Plant-Based Foodie. 

Empowering women across the globe to look and feel amazing, so they can live their best life!

Why Date Nights Are Necessary!

Fulfilling relationships are about experiences.


Date night. It’s such a well-known phrase amongst couples old and new.

It’s the one thing I always hear brought up when people are discussing relationship advice. And after 8+ years, I have to agree! 

I think fulfilling relationships are about experiences. Experiencing things together as a couple, rather than as individuals, is what brings two people closer. Whether that be new places, new phases of life, new hobbies, new ideas, new conversations. Too much of the mundane can leave you feeling stagnant, and I think growth and momentum in every area of life is always necessary.

We always try and recognise when life's been a bit boring, and we’ve let 'all work and no play' creep into our schedule. Date nights are an easy solution, as long as you make the commitment to them! 


Adam and I love food. It’s a huge part of our life. We have a running list of restaurants to visit on Adam’s Notes app. So naturally, we take date night food very seriously. The table is booked, the menu is perused, the reviews are scrutinised. I’ve usually got excited about what I’m ordering before we even arrive.

Now when it comes to pizza, the seriousness of the situation skyrockets. We actually have a pizza hierarchy, and I was keen to see if Adam agreed with my Tre Ciccio ranking...

I was lucky enough to try out Tre Ciccio in Altrincham when they launched earlier this year, and they kindly invited us back recently.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza, really fair prices and a casual relaxed atmosphere. The kinda place you can enjoy in jeans and a tee on a hot day, and not feel underdressed or out of place. I recommend you ask for a spot on their terrace at this time of year, it’s bright, comfy and perfect for a Summer evening meal.


Okay so the pizza. As I said, I had fond memories of my first Tre Ciccio pizza slice, even though it had been a few months. They did not disappoint, and I think Adam agrees with my high ranking. 

I am a total convert to Neapolitan style pizza - the dough is fermented during the resting process, and baked in the pizza oven for very little time. This means the texture is softer and feels a lot lighter on your digestive system. They also use a lot less cheese, so all round the food is really fresh and enjoyable to eat without that stuffed feeling, even down to the last bite. 

If you’re a carnivore and like your food to have some ‘kick’ to it like me, I recommend the Diavola pizza. The ‘Nduja melts in your mouth and tastes so rich. However, I also loved their traditional chicken and potatoes dish I tried last time I was there. The courgette fries are also a must on the side - and they’re basically one of your five a day. 😉If you need something sweet like me, their gelato selection is just what you need to round off an Italian feast.

Simple, no-frills but delicious and packed with seasoning - our favourite type of food to eat and why I love Italian food so much! 

What’s your favourite cuisine for a foodie date night with your partner?