Why I Love Fake Tan

As much as I love embracing my natural beauty - what makes me ‘me’, what I was born with. I’m also no snob when it comes to having fun with your look, and switching it up with products that allow you that freedom.

Recently for me, that’s been with fake tan.

In the past I’ve loved and embraced my English rose skin. However, for whatever reason at the moment, I want to look like I’ve just spent a week in the South of France.

So today I’m sharing why I (unashamedly) love getting my 'faux glow' on.

It’s 100% Safe & Healthy

I LOVE the sun. I love how it makes me feel. I love its warmth. I love the caramel colour it turns my skin.

But I HATE sun burn and I HATE the statistics on skin cancer.

Especially in the UK where, as a culture, we’re unhealthily obsessed with sunbathing when we do get the weather for it.

I much prefer to get my tan from the bottle and protect my skin with SPF30 or above if I'm out enjoying the heat.

Winter Glow

Having a tan makes me feel Summery. The smell, the application, how I look the morning after using it when I’m hopping in the shower. It perks me up on those dark, wet Winter mornings and reminds me that Spring and Summer are on the horizon. 

Fake tan also consoles me; knowing that I live in the UK, and my time and budget are being poured into my business this year, so I won't be off on a Summer holiday.

If I'm going to be at home all Summer working, I need to at least make the most of my days off, with a bottle of St Moriz and some skin on show for Summer evening drinks with friends. 

Head to Toe Sculpting

Who doesn’t want to have smoother, tighter skin that emphasises the shape and tone of their body, whatever their size?

Tan works in the same way as a contour powder - the darkness shades your whole body and offers noticeable sculpting.

Not only that, but having a glow to my face means I end up wearing far less foundation. My Soap & Glory Glow Job acts as a bronzy, glowing base, which can be worn alone or as a primer. The tint really brightens my complexion and gives me extra confidence to embrace a minimal, natural makeup look. 

I can’t say whether I’ll be a fake tan girl forever - I’ve definitely gone in and out of phases with it in the past. What I can say is, it’s been an easy part of my weekly beauty regime recently, and I love how it makes me feel.

And when it comes to beauty, I fly the flag for making yourself look and most importantly FEEL good, so for now it’s here to stay.

Once the weather starts warming up (eventually...the wait for Spring feels like forever!) I will be sharing my start to finish tanning routine. Keep your eyes peeled for that one! 💗

Love, Kat x

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