Discovering Hygge

As a die-hard introvert and unapologetic homebody, I am totally on board with the concept of Hygge. It's a Danish ritual described as 'enjoyment of life's simple pleasures' - which is me down to a T! 

Scroll through the #hygge feed on Instagram and you'll be bombarded with cups of tea, slipper socks, fireplaces and a whole host of other simple niceties that we all love. I believe the English word for it would be coziness. 

Although Hygge has no doubt started trending due to its cute, picture perfect nature, to me it's the innocent, kind heartedness behind it that makes me so drawn to it. Particularly at this time of year with Christmas coming up, and the tough times people have been through in 2016 (let's not even name know what I mean!) Hygge is SO needed.

Enjoying time with family and friends, baked goods fresh out the oven, lighting candles, wrapping up in blankets and drinking a big mug of something warm and comforting. Hygge is basically heaven. 

Do you love the concept of Hygge as well? If you could have the perfect Hygge evening what would it consist of? I'd love to know! 

Love, Kat x