Welcome to the NEW KatHorrocks.com !

Hello and welcome to the new and improved kathorrocks.com! Whether you've been familiar with my online content for a while, or have stumbled across this blog out the blue, I'm grateful for your time. :) 

This new re-design/re-brand has been sparked by a shift in my 'vision' for my space online and the things I discuss. If you read my previous blog, things were almost exclusively beauty related, with the odd lifestyle post thrown in. However, I was starting to crave more depth and meaning in the things that I discuss online.

Now, that's not to discount makeup and beauty at all - I still LOVE the industry and will continue to discuss my favourite products, tutorials, etc. on this blog. Those posts aren't going anywhere. Just also expect much more health, wellness and lifestyle content on here. 

My whole philosophy has always been about looking and feeling good through the use of beauty products. Moving forward, I want my content to focus on the FEELING behind our daily self-care habits - not just putting makeup on, but also getting outside for a walk, preparing a home cooked meal, taking 5 minutes to read a book and so much more.

I've wrote in depth about this topic here in one of my first posts, and you can also find out more about my beliefs around this in the 'About' section

I hope this small space can be your daily dose of positive vibes, and my dream would be for it to inspire you to look after yourself with the time and care that you deserve. 

So have a browse of the posts that have already gone up, and check back every day (except Saturdays) for a new piece of content! Please leave any feedback or specific requests in the comments. :) 

Love, Kat x