The Importance of Self Care

For my first 'proper' blog post, I thought I would kick off with some musings on the main philosophy behind this blog: self care, and why it's so important to make time for it. 

The irony is, when we get so busy and write off the simple, daily practices that nurture us as we "just don't have time" - those are the moments when we must MAKE time for them. Seriously - I could not function, in work or in life, if I ignored these things. 

What even is self care then?

In my opinion, self care is anything that you can add in to your day that nourishes or nurtures yourself - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. For everyone, that can look so different, but it's important to note the self care practices that mean the most to you and to prioritise them in your schedule. 

Some examples of self care habits I always make time for in my week:

  • Rest

I am so loyal to my sleep schedule, it's a running joke in my family that I'm a grandma - but I don't care, because I know that sleep is vital for my focus, mood and overall well-being.

  • Fitness

When I neglect to find time for the gym in my week, I feel sluggish, low energy and achy in my body.

  • Relaxation

If I go a week without having at least one day off, I burn out.

  • Makeup & Beauty Routines

I notice a huge difference when I show up for myself and put the effort in to look and feel good.

This will look different for everyone, and my self care needs may look completely different to yours. I want this blogpost to encourage you to look inwards and recognise how your body responds to self care - and more importantly - how it responds when you completely fly off the handle and burn yourself into the ground. Nobody likes that off balance, stressed out feeling, and it can be so easily avoided by small moments of TLC, here and there, sprinkled into your busy week.

Once you realise the importance of self care, you don't hope to find time for it - you MAKE time for it, just like your make time for the other priorities in your life. 

This topic will be discussed so much more in the future, so watch this space and be part of the discussion in the comments section below. 

What simple acts of self care are important to you? What do you want to make more time for in your week? I want to hear from you! 

Love, Kat x