The Best Fake Tan Hacks & My Fake Tan Routine!


The weather has been gorgeous in the North West in the past week or so. We're talking t shirt with no jacket temperatures, which if you're British is always a forecast to be celebrated!

The warmer and sunnier it gets, the more I love to use fake tan. This is totally a personal preference, and everyone should be comfortable in their own skin with their own choices. For me, a tan instantly makes me feel summery - and because I love Summer so much, it really boosts my mood, energy and confidence levels! Not only that, it’s much safer and healthier for my skin than risking sun burn to get a real tan. Win win really. 

Today I’m sharing my fake tan routine with you - from prep, to application, to aftercare and more. This video is packed with fake tan hacks I’ve learnt over the years, along with top tips if you’re a beginner.

I’d love to hear from you - let me know what your favourite fake tan brand/formula is, as I’m always looking into trying new ones. 

Love, Kat x