PUR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick

Contouring. The word on everyone's lips for the past few years in the beauty industry. Love it or loathe it, it's here to stay! 

My philosophy with contour and highlight is all about enhancing your already beautiful bone structure - taking the face you were born with and adding a little extra definition, to really bring out your gorgeous features. 

It's also fun to play around with, as it reminds me of the basic artistic principles of makeup application, rooted in fine art techniques of shadow and light. Your face is the canvas! 

I'd never dabbled with cream contour until recently. I was blown away by the incredible skill of Etienne Ortega at his masterclass, and I wanted to try out his technique for myself. Enter the PUR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick.

A dual ended cream contour and highlight stick to be layered over foundation for easy, natural sculpting. It even comes with a blending sponge which, when used damp, is the closest dupe I've found to the original Beauty Blender!  

Of course, the beauty of makeup is layering. I personally add a small amount of contour products to myself and clients, to give a subtle effect, but feel free to layer this product up until you achieve your desired effect. 

PUR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick Review

As it's a cream, it blends in seamlessly and is perfect for beginners to try. For natural makeup days, this can be worn alone, or for a full glam look you can use this underneath your usual powder contour to create a beautiful dimension without leaving harsh, muddy lines on the face (not cute!).

Just be sure to set your base makeup with translucent powder, including foundation and any other creams/liquids, before layering any powder products on top. This will ensure smooth application and avoid patchiness.

Have you used cream contour and highlight products before?

Are you a fan of them, or do you prefer powder? Have you struggled with contour and highlight in the past? I'd love to help you out and answer any of your questions about it! Let me know. :)

Love, Kat x