My Essential Oil Diffuser

Being the wanna-be hippy that I am, it's no wonder I haven't tried Essential Oils sooner. I've always enjoyed them in various beauty products over the years, but never really knew how to use them on their own. So when I discovered oil diffusers I was so excited to get one, and when I saw this one from Made by Zen in TK Maxx, it was too cute to pass up. 

Just fill up to the measure with water, add a few drops of essential oil, and let the scent fill the room. It's so quick and easy to pop on, I've been using it every day since buying it. 

It's a lovely, natural alternative if you're a candle addict like me, but would prefer something that is clean for the air and has extra benefits. As it's a water base, it also acts as a humidifier, which is so great for the skin during colder months when the air becomes dry and dehydrated from central heating.

I am so new to all this, but I know many people specialise in the preparation and use of essential oils. Many believe they work as a natural aid for various things:

  • Combating stress
  • Easing symptoms of all kinds of illnesses & ailments
  • Cleansing energy
  • Helping you focus and achieve mental clarity
  • & many, many more things I am yet to discover!

This is something I'd love to look into more, as I am all about a holistic approach to health and wellness. Every little helps after all!

Essential Oils

I have already experienced some of the health benefits. The 'Sinus Clear' helped SO much when I had a cold - it really did ease my congestion and help me breathe deeply. Also, diffusing a mix of Rosemary and Lavender is my new favourite bedtime ritual. It smells delicious and feels SO relaxing entering a room filled with the delicate scent.

Of course, there are dozens of ways to use essential oils, but I think this is a simple, easy way to get started if you're a beginner like me. I am excited to experiment more with them, as I hear they're great added to baths, mixed into carrier oils for massaging on your body, diluted as perfume and more.

Do you use essential oils in your beauty and wellness routine? I would love specific recommendations on types of oil to use and how you like to use them! 

Love, Kat x 

* I couldn't find the Sinus Clear oil blend on the TK Maxx website, but I think it'll be available in store still - the brand is Eco Aroma

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