KonMari Makeup & Beauty Products - from an ex beauty junkie!

I used to collect makeup and beauty products. I used to pore over makeup collections on Youtube, noting down all the best looking MAC eye shadows, the 5 different red lipsticks I just 'needed' and of course, the IKEA furniture to hoard it all in. 

And I have to say I've completely changed in the past year. Since embracing simplicity and minimalism more and more in my life, downsizing my personal beauty stash was a lot easier than it would have been for me a couple years ago. In fact, I don't think I'd have been ready for the KonMari process back then. You'd have found me running in the opposite direction and screaming, holding onto my products for dear life! 

Ironically, being a makeup artist has actually helped me to let go of that 'beauty junkie' mentality, and I talk about that much more in today's KonMari video update. 

This weekend has been a relaxing one; getting back into the swing of things properly with my work routine after a slower January, cleaning and chilling out. Hope you've had a good'un! ❤️

Check back tomorrow evening, same time, for another video - the last video in my January schedule. In February, my regular schedule will resume on Youtube (Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays), so I'll have time to post more written stuff and not just video. But as always, everything I'm up to is shared on here so stick around. 🙏🏼

Love, Kat x