Get Ready With Me: Summer Bronze Glow Makeup

Get Ready With Me: Summer Bronze Glow Makeup

Get ready with me whilst I recreate my Summer bronze glow makeup! More is more when it comes to bronzer, tan and highlighter. 😉

This Summer, I’ve been pairing back the number of products I’m using A LOT, and opting more for a light, dewy base with a more than ‘sun kissed’ colour.

It’s simple, lightweight and quick and easy to get ready in the morning. I highly recommend you pair down your products and embrace a natural look as well, especially in the heat. Your skin will thank you! 

I know I don’t often talk makeup, so I hope you like hearing about my makeup and beauty routine as something a bit different to normal. For me, it’s all part of my passion for self care - because getting ready in the morning is just another way to give back to myself, and help myself look and feel my best. ❤️ 

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Look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Love, Kat x