Currently Reading (March 2017)

Welcome back to another edition of currently reading!

If you didn't catch the first one in February, this is a post series every month or so where I'm sharing the books that are on my bedside table.

Vogue On...Coco Chanel - Bronwyn Cosgrave

This is my "fun" book of the month - although please don't take that as I don't find business/personal development books fun. But they're just always going to put me in work mode! It's important to have something to read as a 'hobby' and just for fun, alongside productive reads.

And oh my goodness, fashion is something I've continually grown to love and be passionate about over the past year or two. 

I created my vision board last week, and the one 'material' thing on there (other than my dream car) was a black Chanel Classic Flap. It's just everything I want and love in a bag.

I think I'll always love having a capsule wardrobe, but that doesn't mean I don't want to stock my wardrobe with luxury, high quality and classic pieces. And for me, Chanel is the epitome of classic, luxury and timeless style. 

So of course, I'm incredibly excited to dive into this and learn more about her background and the history of a fashion icon. 


She Means Business - Carrie Green

I first discovered Carrie via Amber Mccue's Facebook Planathon Group. Amber asked all her connections to offer helpful tips on goal setting and planning your year. 

Carrie's tip was all about visualisation and manifesting, which I've always loved the idea of, but haven't delved into as much as I'd like. However, going onto her site and learning more about her, I was hooked on her content. 

She is all about empowering female entrepeneurs and working through the mindset shifts, fears and other blocks we can face when reaching our goals. So of course, I had to pick up a copy of her book when I saw it was coming out. 

I will have to update you guys on this book, but until then, check out Carrie and the incredible work she does. You're guaranteed to leave feeling motivated and inspired! 

Mindset with Muscle - Jamie Alderton

I'm a huge fan of Jamie's podcast with Dan Meredith, so I was eagerly waiting for my boyfriend to finish this so I could read his copy. (I know I'm cheeky and should have just ordered my own, but to be fair I did swap him one of mine! 😂) 

After finishing it this morning, I can say it has some good nuggets of information. I would say there's a large focus on people wanting to be healthier or lose weight and change their habits, and personally I would have liked to hear more business advice from Jamie.

But that's just me, I can imagine most of his audience have discovered him primarily from his fitness background and not mindset/business work like I have, so I can understand why he's focused on that side of things more. 

However, it was still full of useful, simple, straight forward information that I can apply to my life and adapt to my situation. I know he's writing another book at the moment, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one is aimed more towards entrepeneurs, as I know that's what initially drew me to his content and message.

I'd love to know what you guys are reading at the moment! Anything good? Let me know in a comment below, or tweet me @kat_horrocks ! 

Love, Kat x