Current Favourites - Capsule Wardrobe Addition, DIY Blow Dry Tool & More!

For a while now I've wanted to share more beauty and fashion content on the blog, I just haven't known how to approach it.

I love my lifestyle and wellness content, and want to bring that same positive, meaningful energy to talking about makeup and fashion. Because they're all important parts of my life that bring me joy.

Dressing well and getting made up is a daily ritual and act of self care for so many people, myself included! 

So expect to see a lovely mixed bag of stuff round here, starting with my new approach to monthly favourites. It's not every month I've collected enough things to recommend, so current favourites is the new norm.

They will be popping up at random - maybe once in a month, maybe once in a few months, but they'll always include products and other things from all the categories I love - beauty, fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle and everything else. 

Here is the first one, I hope you enjoy it! 

Have an amazing weekend!

Love, Kat x