Breaking The Period Taboo

Breaking The Period Taboo

Periods and Women’s Health has become an increasing passion of mine in the past 8-12 months. Learning more and more about the beautiful, miraculous thing that is a woman’s hormonal cycle, and the health benefits that come along with healthy and happy hormones and fertility honestly fascinates me. 

Yet, I still see the visible shock on another woman’s face when I bring up anything period related in public. Almost like I’ve said a really bad swear word, or something really inappropriate. Even though in a room full of females, the vast majority of us are experiencing or have experienced periods. 

Why is it such a taboo? And why is there such a stigma around not only most aspects of a woman’s cycle, but particularly periods? 

I’ve talked proudly about my period on the radio, I’ve shared my period hacks in a video for potentially hundreds or thousands of people to see on the internet. I honestly could not care less if I’m offending a handful of people. The fact that people are so offended by something so natural - so beautiful, so life enhancing and life GIVING (literally!) - quite frankly offends me. 

So you’ll probably notice me being a little bit noisier in future when it comes to women’s health and the menstrual cycle. I want to share my stories, and experiences, and tips and tricks with the women who come to my content to read about being the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. Surely it’s all a part of the bigger picture of health and wellbeing? 

Let me know if there’s anything specific relating to periods you want me to chat about - some of the topics I’m thinking of touching on in future are:

- Re-usable Menstrual Products & Why I Prefer Them
- What I wish I knew about periods before they started
- My favourite period hacks, tips and tricks
- How to have a healthy & happy period! Advice for cramps, back ache, mood, etc. 

Please leave any of your ideas in a comment below - or you can tweet me @kat_horrocks or reach out to me personally (and privately) at if you’d prefer to ask for advice anonymously.