Beginning the KonMari Method (again) in 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, I'm thinking ahead to what I want to focus on for next year.

One thing I want to embrace more in my life is minimalism - or at least from a practical stand point, to declutter my belongings before moving in with my boyfriend. Moving from my parent's house to a 2 bed flat will be a serious downsize of space, and I don't want to feel overwhelmed with 'stuff'. 

In today's video I'm chatting more about the KonMari method and my hopes for 2017. I hope you enjoy it, and please stay tuned as I'll be sharing my tidying journey with you all. I'm hoping to detail each category, what I struggled with and before and afters to hopefully inspire you guys to do the same! 

Can't wait to declutter, get some peace and quiet in my space and give loads of stuff away to charity :)

Love, Kat x 

PS - this is my LAST post before Christmas, so a very Merry Christmas to you guys 💗