10 Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts - Ideas & Inspiration!

My favourite part about Christmas is definitely getting to give something special to my loved ones. I know for many it can be stressful, but I'm lucky to have a very tight knit inner circle, so I only have a few people on my gift shopping list! 

As someone on a strict budget, I've got very good at finding small, thoughtful gifts that don't break the bank. As the saying goes, it really is the thought that counts at the end of the day. And these DIY gift ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face.

  • Create your own hamper

This is such a simple idea, but is perfect to adapt for anyone, of any age, for all budgets. Simply find an inexpensive mug, bowl, jar, picnic basket, whatever you like and fill it with their favourite things. Pad it out with their favourite sweets or chocolates (you could even add homemade treats in), and then add a couple of fun items they will love e.g. some pamper products, stationary items or whatever else. Wrap in cellophane, tie with ribbon and you've got a gift that looks like you bought it from a shop.

  • 'Get the Look' bag

Boots and Superdrug often do 3 for 2 around this time of year, so take advantage and pick up a few items you know the beauty lovers in your life will like. You can pair a few items together for £15 or less and gift it to them as a 'look' in a bag or box. A small gift bag will do, but you could also buy an inexpensive makeup bag from Primark or elsewhere, for a really fun gift that keeps on giving!

  • Baking

If all else fails, bake! My favourite thing to do is bake for my loved ones. I try to always go to a party with some cupcakes, cookies or something else in hand. If it's your main present, go all out with the decorations, buy a special box and write a personal note. 

  • "Make Your Own..."

And for those people who always rave about your food but are scared to do it themselves, a DIY gift for them is a great idea. I always see these in shops and think how easy it would be to make them. What I love about this one is you can do it for almost anything - drinks, desserts, baking, pastries, almost any dish you know they love. For baking it's fun to package the ingredients in one jar, but for other dishes you can also package mini bottles of things and other ingredients into a box or bag. Don't forget to include a note with instructions and top tips!

  • Homemade Beauty Products

If you're someone who loves to get crafty with DIY beauty products, why not share that talent with your friends and family?! Body scrubs, lip balms and beauty oils are all particularly easy to make and inexpensive to buy bulk ingredients for. Any beauty lover would be delighted to receive something natural and yummy smelling for their skincare regime.

  • Candles

This is one I think about every year but never get round to doing. Please try this out so I can live vicariously through you!  Again, candles are fairly inexpensive to make when buying wholesale ingredients. They suit all budgets and can be gifted to all ages. Everyone loves a candle! My favourite DIY candles that I've seen have been in cute mugs, teacups and other household items, so get creative with what you use depending on who you're gifting it to. 

  • Planters & Terrariums

Everybody loves some greenery in their space, especially things like terrariums with succulents. Bulk buy a bag of soil, mini succulents and a few glass bowls/other holders to house them in, and you'll have enough for several friends and family members. I need to work on my green thumb so I can try out this idea next year! 

  • Bedazzled Things

For the person in your life who loves their glitz and glam, bedazzling small items is a fun, easy way to personalise their gift. Mugs, notebooks, phone cases, pens and so many other items are easy to customise with glitter, metallic spray paint and more. You can turn very simple, cheap items into something really pretty in just a few minutes. 

  • Framed Pictures

This one might sound obvious and boring to some, but it shouldn't be skipped over. Particularly in our social media obsessed world, I notice hardly anyone is giving or receiving framed pictures anymore - at least not that I've seen in recent years. There is something so heart warming about framing a picture on behalf of someone else - immortalising that moment in time for them. Whether it's your favourite memory together, a picture of a beloved family member or pet, or something else you know will make them smile. This costs very little money but can mean so much. 

  • Your Favourite Book (with a personal touch)

If you have a fellow bookworm in your life, particularly if you know you share the same taste in genre, why not treat them to a copy of your all time favourite? Add a personal, hand written note in the cover explaining why they mean so much to you and why they will love the book too. If you have the time or effort to put in, I also think it'd be cool to make a handmade bookmark for someone, using some card, fabric or even a photograph. 

So those are my ideas - many are inspired by other gifts I've seen and some were thoughts that cropped up by myself when considering what I would love to receive. I hope they gave you some inspiration. Please share your DIY ideas in the comments below too!

Love, Kat x