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Kat Horrocks Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Hi, I'm Kat.

I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in the North West, UK.

The driving force of everything I do is my passion for self care, personal development, healthy habits and supporting women to live their best life.

Positive vibes only in these parts!

Offline, you’ll either find me cuddled up with my cats, at the gym, reading a book, watching my favourite Youtubers, cooking/eating/dreaming about food or spending time with my loved ones. Oh, and 90% of the day I have a mug of tea in my hand. 

My hope is that my work and the content on this blog empowers women across the world to prioritise themselves - through self care, their passions and hobbies, their health, their dreams and goals.

I truly believe when we show up for ourselves every day, we have so much more to give, and ultimately, we can live our best life - the life we deserve. 

For the last 4 years I’ve also been working as a freelance makeup artist. I LOVE the work that I do in both areas, because I help women look, but most importantly FEEL amazing, every single day. 

I like to take a ‘360’ look at life and wellness. It's an inside job. It's the time we take for ourselves. It's the choices we make. It's the positive vibes and smiles we spread. It’s learning to listen to our intuition. It’s finding the balance that’s right for us. It's a holistic, daily ritual, and it's so much more than the surface level stuff we’re taught to value.

There have been times in my life where my confidence, body image, energy levels, motivation and self esteem have been LOW. I’ve been in that ‘rock bottom’ place that I know you’ve been in too. You might even be there now. 

I’ve experienced first hand how important it is to prioritise your own health and happiness every single day. Because if you don’t, nobody will! 

However, I want you to find what works for YOU. I don’t do ‘one size fits all’ plans or steps. I don't tell you what to do. I ask questions, I listen and offer support and guidance, with lessons I've learnt along the way. But more importantly, I encourage you to uncover the vision you have for your life; to look inwards and learn to listen to your intuition. 

So, are you ready to start putting YOURSELF first?

Here's how you can get involved in our community...

The Blog

I share articles each week about life, wellness, beauty, business and more. If you prefer to watch video content, I also share my Youtube videos every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Weekly Letters

Every Monday morning, I share a positive message with my email community on the topics of self care, personal development, health or anything else I want to share to add value and mindfulness to your day. Just what most of us need at the start of a new week! Leave your name and email address here to sign up. 👇🏼

1-on-1 Support

If you'd like 1-on-1 support with your mindset, motivation, self care practice or goal setting, I'd love to work with you. Please head here to learn more about my coaching services.


I love to share great brands and products with my community that I truly love and believe in. If you're a brand or PR and want me to try your product, or want to discuss collaboration opportunities, please get in touch via the contact page.  My blog content is varied and often comes from a unique perspective of self care, personal development and something a bit 'deeper' than the standard review. Everything is covered, from beauty and fashion, to business and health, so if you think we'd be a good fit get in touch! 


If you're a blogger in the Manchester and North West area, get involved with #WeBlogMcr - a Manchester blogging network putting Northern bloggers on the map! We're a very friendly bunch and Holly our founder hosts helpful workshops every other month (on topics from SEO, to earning money, to photography & more), along with drinks and casual meet ups in between.

Wedding and Special Occasion Makeup

If you want to book my makeup services for your wedding or event around the Manchester and North West area, I'd love to hear from you! Visit my professional makeup site to view my portfolio, see prices and fill in a booking form. Alternatively, you can find me on Facebook as well to read testimonials from recent clients or send me a private message.